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Pro Wrestler Colt Cabana Will Be In Bay Ridge Saturday Night

Pro wrestler Colt Cabana is coming to Bay Ridge and he’s gonna put it in a clawhold.

“Create A Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Pro” will take place on Saturday night at St. Patrick’s CYO Sports at 9511 4th Avenue, and Cabana, born Scott Colton, will be wrestling as Mat Classic against CPA. Be there at 7pm for autographs. Matches will begin at 8. Tickets start at $20, and $30 for front row seats.

The match will be taking place on the second night of Passover, which traditionally is marked with a Seder dinner. However, the proudly Jewish grappler will be working on that night just like any other.

“I’ve worked on Thanksgiving, weddings, Yom Kippur. I love my job as much as my culture,” Cabana told Bensonhurst Bean.

He added that “it took years” for him to come out of the “religious closet” as a pro wrestler, having started in the late 90’s. Earlier in his career, during his time with WWE, Cabana requested time off for the Jewish holidays and it was denied.

Beware the Bionic Elbow! (Courtesy Colt Cabana)
Beware the Bionic Elbow! (Courtesy Colt Cabana)

Cabana lives in Chicago’s Wicker Park and, comparing it to other parts of Brooklyn, noted that it was a neighborhood that’s changed a lot in the last decade.

“There are definitely different sections of Brooklyn and this is a different section in a more fun way,” said Cabana who stressed that he really likes it when he gets to come out to Bay Ridge. He has previously wrestled both at St. Pat’s and for Wrestle Pro.

Speaking of gentrification, Colt Cabana will be wrestling tomorrow as his Mat Classic persona — which means droves of kale-sipping transplants are sure to follow the wrestler to Bay Ridge.

“[Matt Classic] is a sort of hipster wrestler” who has been prominently featured in the Los Angeles’ cult wrestling promotion Lucha VaVoom and was also on MTV’s Wrestling Society X, said Cabana.

In the opposite corner will be CPA, a wrestling accountant who Cabana intends to dispatch just like tax season.

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