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Kasich Debates Scripture With Yeshiva Students In Borough Park [Video]

GOP presidential candidate John Kasich visiting Shema Kolainu yesterday. Pictured from left to right — Joseph B. Stamm, Governor Kasich, Ezra Friedlander, and Dr. Joshua Weinstein. (Photo: Dov & Shmuel Lenchevsky)

Ohio governor and GOP presidential contender John Kasich visited the Orthodox Jewish community of Borough Park Tuesday afternoon and got into a scriptural debate of sorts with a group of Yeshiva students.

Governor Kasich’s visit to Borough Park yesterday included a tour of Shema Kolainu (4302 New Utrecht Avenue), a school that serves children with autism and their families, and a pit stop at Eichlers Judaica store (5004 13th Avenue).

At his tour of Shema Kolainu, Kasich met with students and staff. School administrators said later that Kasich was interested in learning what some of the biggest challenges are that the school faces, and was not surprised when “funding” was at the top of the list.

Kasich can be seen visiting Shema Kolainu — and receiving a very warm welcome from students — in this YouTube video.

“We proudly welcomed Governor Kasich to Shema Kolainu and our students really enjoyed interacting with him,” said founder Dr. Joshua Weinstein in a statement. “Hopefully this visit commenced a conversation, regarding the role of government on a national scale, to address the epidemic rise of autism being diagnosed.”

Kasich also reportedly ventured into Eichler’s Judaica, and challenged some yeshiva students about the Passover story.

In this YouTube video, Kasich and the students engage in a humorous — but also quite serious — back and forth about the biblical Joseph and other Old Testament figures.

When leaving Shema Kolainu, Kasich could be heard saying to a group of well-wishers, “Pray for me.”

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  1. It is useless to ever argue about religion, Religious people believe that everything they believe in is written in stone, It will never change, I am a non believer, I believe in science & evolution, The earth is about 4.3 billion years old & the universe is about 13.7 years old. The dinosaurs that disappeared about 65 million years ago, lived for about 200 million years. Probably longer then us humans will.

  2. None of which precludes the existence of God or His involvement in the origins of the universe. Hence “belief” vs. “knowledge”. Over the centuries, science has proven many things that science previously knew were impossible, and has disproved many things that science previously knew were possible. Myths and legends of giant sea creatures were discredited for centuries by science, until submersibles “discovered” many such creatures. The fact that human science cannot yet observe God does not mean He’s not there to be discovered someday. Scientists must be open to even the most uncertain or unlikely potential outcome to their research. Scientists are supposed to be dispassionate and objective, so any scientist who goes into a field of research saying definitively that the ultimate answer to his question cannot be God is no scientist at all.

  3. Oy! The worse thing Kasich could have done was get into a debate with these Yeshiva students and their mentors. But, in the new Borough Park , it comes with the turf, and unlike the overwhelming majority of landsmen and landsmenettes who in reality are still out there, these sects have been multiplying like rabbits! The Black Hats and their ilk have hijacked Judiasm, and have presented our Brooklyn, and our nation, a distorted view of our eternal faith! And that faith starts, lives, and rests with G-d! Not their Rabbis spin on things…Oy.

  4. If you understand that a thousand or 2 or 3 years ago there was no schools, very very few people could write, there was no science, And that most of the stories in the bible didn’t happen or were an exaggeration of things that might have occurred. There is know way to argue over the existence of god. At least in this country we don’t kill people who don’t believe, like they have done & still do.in other places. Science is always changing, like some religions do & some don’t.

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