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Starbucks Scuttled! Planned Site Now To Be Popeyes


Those with a sharp eye may have noticed some construction going on inside 3454 Nostrand Avenue (corner of Gravesend Neck Road). Real eagle eyes may have also noticed that the B36 and B44 bus stop in front of this properties driveway has moved down a short ways down the block to S&D Kids.

So what’s going onhere?

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken is coming to town!

Sheepshead Bites spoke with owner Rahman Hashimi today who confirmed that the chain fried chicken joint – which we’ve heard is the shiznet – will soon occupy the location, and Department of Buildings documents show that the work is to install related equipment such as fryers.

The location was previously slated to be a Starbucks drive-thru, which was expected to open way back in December 2009. We later heard from the owners’ attorney that the opening was delayed as negotiations with the city to move the MTA bus stop were moving slower than expected.

At some point between then and now, those plans were scuttled.

Hashimi couldn’t stay on the phone long enough to explain to us why they were shattering the dreams of all the folks who seem to think Starbucks has good coffee, but we do hope to touch base again and find out when we can start getting some of them biscuits.

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  1. Well THANK GOODNESS!, since they closed Popeyes in Coney Island it’s like there was no point in going on anymore. Hallelujah!

  2. the cycle of obesity will never end. and don’t we notice there are usually more fast food restaurants near housing projects? i would assume they take food stamp/SNAP?

  3. Popeyes is delicious and I would be a whole lot happier about this if I didn’t just drop this kind of food out of my diet. Given the circumstances, I would have prefered a Starbucks drivethrough so that I wouldn’t have to go all the way down to Cropsey.

    But I think a Popeyes will do very well in this location. I wish I could get more excited about it.

  4. only way to make money is by selling Shitty food.

    We all know good food doesn’t sell. to bad too 🙁

  5. True, it’s hard eating healthy because it’s not affordable, and I don’t just mean base prices either. Fresh produce spoils quicker, but for many people who don’t have the luxury of a corner fruit stand the distance means traveling, which usually means either car service, public transit, driving yourself, or delivery with costs additional money.

  6. Popeyes is a million times better than KFC, which was adjacent to this location. The only other Popeyes is over at the Junction. I went there once it was filled with Crips, too gangsta for me. Starbucks would have been good too.

  7. And I find the opposite to be true… Seems like everywhere I look a fruit/veg stand has popped up. Prices at the small shops are usually very good, can always find something on sale. Yes, it spoils, food is supposed to (lol).  I think the challenge for  some people is the cooking of it. (or figuring out what’s what).  

  8. Popeyes is a million times better than KFC is like saying Sarah Palin is a million times smarter than Michelle Bachman. Who cares? They both suck?

  9. You haven’t taken a look at starbucks’ calorie counts have you? Health food it ain’t when your coffee has more calories than the chicken on popeyes’ menu.

  10. REALLY, POPEYE’S – YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Now I won’t have to drive to Pennsylvanis Avenue

  11. People have to eat.  Once in a while, fried chicken, burgers, etc. is OK.  It is those people who live on fast food who have health problems.  Starbucks is no better than other fast food places.  What do they offer other than poison strong coffee?  English muffins with eggs and cheese, cake, cookies.  One is no better than the other

  12. With so many deli’s in the neighborhood who make good coffee for alot less money, I don’t know if a Starbucks could last there.

  13. Awesome! gives all the mice and rats  that moved to the private houses a chance to go back to the filth they came back from. (kfc)

    good riddance! 

  14. I don’t know the street, but when you get off the pkwy on Pennsylvania Ave, just keep going straight, past the HQ for Rainbow shops and this really crappy looking motel (I think it is called Oasis).  You will see white castle, popeyes, and several other food stores on your left.

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