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Police Hunt Crooks Who Beat Up And Robbed Brighton Beach Subway Rider

Source: / Flickr
Source: / Flickr

The NYPD is searching for two men who assaulted and robbed a 60-year-old man on the stairs of the Brighton Beach subway station. Brooklyn News is reporting that the suspects are at-large.

The incident happened Wednesday at 1 p.m. when the victim was attacked by two unidentified males. The Brooklyn News described the assault:

As he walked past, the suspects grabbed his legs from behind, throwing him on the steps, causing him to slam his head on the stairs. The suspects then proceeded to kick and punch the victim throughout his body.

The suspects picked up the victim’s cellphone and fled west bound on West Brighton avenue.

The victim was taken to Coney Island hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The NYPD released the following images taken of the two suspects.

Source: NYPD via Brooklyn News
Suspect #1 (Source: NYPD via Brooklyn News)
robbery suspect 2
Suspect # 2 (Source: NYPD via Brooklyn News)

Anyone with information on the crime can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS or visit the Crime Stoppers website by clicking here.

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  1. Neighborhood is turning to crap. Disgusted. Should be more cops here because we draw transients to the beach and Coney Island. 1pm? No people around?

  2. Another racist article? This needs to stop. Let’s have some LIFE magazine sized glossy pictures of all the White criminals that plague our streets too.

  3. It’s racist in the way these photos are presented. I know the Russians have been complaining about the coverage of the activities of some in their group so this is an over done answer to that.

  4. PayPaul, I think your off base. There is nothing racist about an article that presents the fact that there was a crime committed and that there is surveillance of the men wanted in connection to the crime. This website, though might not be “LIFE” magazine, gave you facts. And in return you bash it calling it “racist?”

    Do you not see the other articles about the Russian criminals? Are the pictures of the Russian criminals nicer than the surveillance of the men wanted for the crime in this article? Maybe it’s because those “russian” criminals have already been caught, and the images are mug shots or copy and pasted images from social websites such as Facebook, etc?

    your just looking to stir up the pot, and its ignorant people like you that drive this country in reverse instead of forward when its comes to coexisting with other races and religions. Shame on you.

  5. What the hell does one thing have to do with the other? So we shouldn’t see an actual picture of the people who committed the crime? Because they happen to be black we should let it slide? Are you kidding? I don’t care who they are. These idiots were stupid enough to commit a crime and got caught on camera. Get out of the kitchen if you can’t take the heat. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  6. It doesn’t matter what the race of these criminals are. The truth is that they are black and that is the blunt truth. This all seems racist to “PayPaul”, no matter what race PayPaul may be be. Honesty is the best policy and sometimes the truth hurts. Get over it PayPaul!

  7. If you have clearer and better pictures of these criminal please post them here or even better send them to the police along with names and address..

    P.S. This is not news to anyone, but blacks are commit the majority of violent crimes so these photos are very indicative.

  8. This discusssion is ridiculous. The photos are of the suspects in a street crime, not the kinds of crime normally attributed to Russian mobsters. If the perps were white, or Asian, or any other ethnicity, their photos would be printed as well. Surveillance cameras are set up to catch violent street crime, not white collar crime. Most hate crimes, and many, if not most, sexual assaults, are commited by white perps or perps who are not African-American, and, when available, their photos appear in the media.

    For law enforcement purposes, color is a legitimate physical descriptor like gender, age, height, and weight. It neither explains, nor predicts, criminal behavior, and any racial profiling in a surveillance video situation is done by the criminals themselves. Actualy, these photos will also protect innocent look-alikes from being misidentified from mug shots and lineups, while adding evidentiary weight to any prosecution of the more likely suspects. Big Brother is, indeed, watching, and, because there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place, we are all safer because of it.

  9. In one part we have to thank the Russians for coming into Brighton and Manhattan Beaches. They would’ve turned into the ghetto if not for the overload of people coming from the USSR. Are there white trash? Yes! Some people are disgusting and the N word describes these two

  10. I am an Executive Director of Brighton Beach BID. I work
    with Russians and non-Russians. I work in the area and for the area. I do not
    care about political correctness when it comes to crime and safety issues.

    We have police presence on Brighton but lately it does not
    prevent us, the residents and business owners, from becoming a scene of
    criminal activities. And it is not a police fault. The problem is “political correctness”. Criminal is a criminal regardless of race or religion.
    People debate “stop and frisk”, racial profiling and on and on. But when
    crime comes to their areas, they want to stop it now and forever. Why each and every issue becomes a starting point of such BS: skin color or nationality. Everyone remembers June 2011 when shooting took place on boardwalk. Everyone remembers a fight that took place on the subway station three weeks ago. And then and now people are talking about race instead of a danger. Enough!

  11. I believe the above post wins the Incoherent Comment Prize for this week. What exactly are you trying to say Yelena, that blaming a certain race is the problem, or political correctness is the problem? Where do you think the danger is coming from and what is the solution, and please give us your honest opinion instead of the politically correct one.

  12. PayPaul appears to be completely delusional and ignorant of plain facts as to
    who commited the crime. But since PayPaul decided to go there with the whole
    “racist” card – dont get it twisted…….when you visit Sheepshead Bites today
    and see three articles regarding crime (the Brighton Beach beating, cab mugging
    by Avenue L, and constant theft from retail stores such as TJ Max and Marshalls
    and see who the criminals are in each one of the crimes……….surprise
    surprise all three crimes were commited by black people and all three articles
    have the pictures to sho who the criminal is in an effort to catch him/her and
    prevent further degradation of our great community. Oh wait….the statistics
    that show that 50% of inmates in USA are black and 25% hispanic are also now
    racist and not factual? Wake up and stop drinking the Al Sharpton Cool Aid….it
    isn’t about race but the facts speak for them selves.

  13. What Yelena is saying is crystal clear….I am not sure how an individual with even a below average IQ would not comprehend what was said in Yelena’s post. But, for those of you who want to play the dumb card and claim someone’s post is the “Incoherent Comment Prize” winner I will break it down and spoon feed the information to you:

    1. Stop complaining about Stop and Frisk policy when you feel it personally does not suit you and calling for it when you realize that it would prevent and cut down on certain crimes.
    2. Stop playing the “black” card. It has been used and abused. Every time there is a crime and the victim is black or every time there is an incident involving a black person, many people start claiming racism and do not evaluate the situation based on facts. More than 50% of the violent crimes are committed by black people – here is a little fact…lets claim racism now.
    3. Our society became too POLITICALLY CORRECT, to such extreme levels that we no longer concentrate at the problem at hand (crimes going on in good neighborhoods and violent incidents) and are too concerned how not to offend a certain race/class. A good example is a police officer shooting a 14 year old black teen who was chasing someone with a gun in an attempt to shoot the victim. So the media and black activists immediately label this “police shoots a black kid” making the police the bad guys killing an “innocent” child meanwhile the facts are ignored that he was running with a gun trying to shoot someone and had a previous murder charge. So what Yelena clearly stated was that we need to drop the political correctness and concentrate on the problems and the facts – the crimes and violence which happen in our neighborhoods and the facts in this case are that most of them are committed by black people. No racism here, no political correctness – start seeing things for what they are.

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