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Piling Up: What’s Your Take On Catalog Deliveries?


restoration hardware catalogues
That thud at your doorstep?

Sure, it could be kids playing – or, it could be a monstrosity of a magazine. Specifically, a 3,300-page, 17-pound monstrosity.

Which got us to thinking – what are your thoughts on magazines that have ended up on your doorstep? Does anyone order from catalogs anymore? Or look at them? What do you do with them when you get them?

Also, apparently along with the hefty Restoration Hardware tome came a one-page “sustainability initiative” with the delivery – which Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported “detailed several ways in which the company was minimizing environmental harm, including using ‘forest certified’ paper and acquiring carbon offsets to cancel out emissions from shipping the catalogs.”

We know we’re singling out Restoration Hardware here, but this most recent news about such a massive delivery to millions of households led to us wondering about these kinds of deliveries and how truly useful or, of course, environmentally friendly they are.

The company did tell Bloomberg BusinessWeek that it’s planning to mail such a publication once a year – which the company said is a significant decrease from past years.

What are your thoughts? Are there business owners out there who have found this kind of outreach useful? Or do you use primarily the internet to reach customers?

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  1. We received the HUGE Restoration Hardware package last week and it marks the FIRST and ONLY delivery we’ve ever gotten from Restoration Hardware. We have never made any online account or asked for such a catalog and if they really wanted to save on postage and paper, they could not send the largest mailer EVER to people who have never shopped at their store.

    Edit: If you do not wish to receive the huge Restoration Hardware source books, see this form:

  2. I do order from catalogs but I could do without them given the access to the internet. I also received the Restoration Hardware catalog and I thought what a waste this is.

  3. Restoration hardware encyclopedia went straight into the recycling bin (after taking off the double plastic wrapping, of course).

  4. I was SO OFFENDED to receive this same Restoration Hardware stack of catalogs recently – what are they thinking????? I didn’t ask for this, have never bought from them and now never will. I hope there is a huge backlash against them over this. Outrageous, flagrant disrespect for the environment. (Thank you BoFis for the link to get off the list. Grr….)

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