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  1. I sent a note to Community Affairs Officers /Detectives Kim Walker and Dominic Scotto on Friday night about this. Hopefully addressed soon.

  2. That van has been there a couple of weeks. I have been watching pieces of the van disappear over time. Thanks for alerting the police. Hopefully they will tow it soon.

  3. There is a white van on ditmas who had its front left wheel hit by a passing car. I’m wondering how long it will take for the same thing to happen to that vehicle

  4. Very surprising that the van has been parrked for several weeks without plates and that the neighbors, Prospect South Assn or their security patrol didn’t call 311 to report an abandoned vehicle so that it could be removed in a timely manner. If you see a vehicle without plates report it to 311. No reason to call Dominick on this.

  5. It belongs to Tony Micelli. He is a former second baseman for the St.Louis Cardinals who was forced to retire due to a shoulder injury. He wants to move out of Brooklyn to find a better environment for his daughter, Samantha. He can’t leave until he fixes the truck.

  6. Looks to me like a broken axle and parked by the driver over a week ago. Although it has an out of state plate, these are commenly used by neighborhood residents to pay lower insurance.

  7. I think everyone who likes Rugby cannot wait to watch Six Nations streaming because this will be an exciting tournament. I for one will make it a point to watch every fixture this year.

  8. Both neighbors (as in the association) and the CIS Security guys have repeatedly called 311 for weeks on this. The CIS guard even flagged down a cop to tell him personally. So calling Community Affairs was absolutely the nest step. But thanks for your condescending advice.

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