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Photos: Sick Tree Collapses On Sanitation Truck


Reader nolastname sent in these photos of a tree that collapsed onto a Department of Sanitation garbage truck this morning, on East 18th Street and Avenue X.

It happened shortly before noon, when the tree appears to have tipped right over onto the driver’s cab. No one was hurt, and it doesn’t look like the vehicle was damaged. Nolastname said she’s pretty sure the truck didn’t hit the tree – it was just a case of unfortunate timing. Nolastname also points out the mold on the tree, the lack of roots and dead limbs, noting the tree is sick, as are most in the area around this.

FDNY showed up to assist in cutting the tree up and getting it out of the road.

Here’s another angle:

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  1. When will the City act on a potentially deadly situation regarding all these dead trees and tree limbs? Are they waiting for someone to get killed and after they pay out many millions for a negligence lawsuit?

  2. I have been complaining for the last 20 years. Neglect has caused a life lost (correction Officer} maybe 15 years ago. Rikers employee. Before that (1 or 2 years) there was another in the same area. Let’s not forget Central and Prospect park incidents.

  3. They promised last fall that hey would trim my trees this Spring. I will write to them again just as soon as th trees start sprouting in mid-May. Greg Mocker from Channel 11 has shown some interest in this issue. He was supposed to come out here last summer, but couldn’t fit it into his schedule. If they don’t show up before summer, I will contact him again. A ten-year trim cycle is absolutely ridiculous. Courier-Life had an article last summer regarding complaints in Dyker Heights.

  4. They want to have a million trees in NYC by 2020. That’s absurd as they can’t even take care of the ones that are aging. Respources that are being expended for that project could save the ones that are in need of care NOW!

  5. Some of those new trees though might be from private donations. I received a letter last year from Bette Midler asking me to contribute to that cause. I felt like answering her like you just wrote in your post. If I can still find the envelope, I will.

  6. They should be donating to help save trees first.

    Planting new trees is a nice idea, but doesn’t address the other side of the problem.

    Prospect Park is full of sick trees. Whole sections have seen their tree population diminish to the point of practically being barren. And more will go unless they are properly cared for. As will hundreds of thousands on the streets of the city. And as we know, a number of these trees will fall, causing property damage, injury, and even death.

  7. If he does, and you do see Greg, please give him me as a contact
    I would love to take him a walking tour and talk his ear off.

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