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Photos: Nemo Blankets Sheepshead Bay With 9 Inches Of Snow


Nemopocolypse came and went, and while it was historic snowfall for other areas, Sheepshead Bay saw just nine inches of snow – making it a fairly routine blizzard.

Department of Sanitation did a fantastic job clearing the roadways quickly, and transit workers and management kept the system on track with little incident.

Responsible neighbors woke up Saturday morning, donned warm clothing, shoveled their properties, and dug out their cars. For the most part, it was a perfect snow; a blanket of white followed by warm temperatures and clear skies that made cleanup a breeze.

After taking care of my own property, I struck out Saturday morning to capture the neighborhood engulfed in white powder – and so did many of our readers. Below is a photo gallery of my photos, as well as those of the following contributors: Karen Hill, Cookie Ann, Sasha, Kathleen Higgins, Randy Contello, Katerina and Lelde, Brian Hoo, Melissa K., Igor G., Iris and Jake Rubinsky. Thank you for all of your submissions!

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  1. Responsible neighbors, are a blessing, and I always make it a point, to compliment them, for doing a good job, as I walk by their properties, after such storms as Nemo. (Even though, with the profound change in Demographics, many are clueless as to what I’m talking about!) Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see some photos, of the sidewalks, of some of the SLACKERS, in our midst, who have no sense of their community, their neighbors, or the well being of others!!!

  2. Because I did not see a place to register my complaint here it ls.

    Why is Sanitation not ticketing for snow removal? All these construction sites and homes for sale DO have a responsible party involved. So if no one is living in a home/business the city does not care about our safety?? But run and have people repair their damn sidewalks or be given violations. Then cry about lack of $$ to fix things. BS.

  3. For 49 years we have been shoveling the fire pump. In 49 years not one neighbor (Whose homes also rely on these fixtures) has EVER shoveled the area. I do not ask for help nor expect any but these people have lazy/selfish all over them.
    It sickens me to shovel and see that the slush from my neighbors who do not shovel is trampled onto my clean sidewalks.
    Yes good neighbors are a blessing.

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