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Photos: Man Thought Drowned Emerges From Waters


A man thought to be drowned in Coney Island’s waters emerged from the ocean unscathed after more than an hour on Sunday. We got some awesome photos and a brief summary of events from student photojournalist Lloyd Mitchell, who was on the scene.

Mitchell was covering the Cyclones game, and while they were losing 4 to 0 he heard helicopters flying overhead and decided to bail. He hit the beach to discover that a man was thought to be drowned. Scuba crews deployed, and combed the waters and beach for an hour before giving up. After packing their gear and heading out, other NYPD and FDNY personnel – as well as beachgoers – were shocked to see the man walk out of the water unharmed.

In the photos, the supposed drowned man is the one with a goatee, and you can see him being embraced by family just moments after coming up on land.

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  1. I once saw a drowning on Coney Island beach for real, so I'm very glad that this turned out well. I wish there was more information – was the man truly in distress or a misunderstanding on the part of the family? An hour is a long time to be swimming, was he in control the whole time or fighting for life and luckily returned to shore? Also, how was it the NYPD was not able to spot him, where was he?

  2. When I was 5 years old at Coney Island/Brighton Beach with my grandmother I was playing in the surf and a heavy wave toppled me over and the rip tide pulled me out. As the story goes I dug my little hands into the sand and managed to slow myself just enough for a lifeguard to reach and grab me.
    Scared my grandma half to death it did.

  3. I saw this too, from a distance. There were divers diving and searching underwater, along with a good 15 or so lifeguards. Its still a mystery as to where this man went and how he got back. As far as rip currents go, I’ve been swimming in Coney Island/Brighton Beach for 20 years and I can say there are no strong currents there. Stormy weather being the exception it is a very hard to drown there unless, its for a medical reason, or if you don’t know how to swim.

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