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Photos: Hurricane Irene’s First Round Sees Floods, Fallen Trees


As the eye of Hurricane Irene gives Brooklynites a brief respite from the winds and waters, the initial damage reports are coming in. By all accounts, damages across the neighborhood seem relatively small, though there are some instances of severe flooding and property damage due to fallen trees and power lines.

Manhattan Beach and Plumb Beach residents saw the worst of the storm so far, as the waters swallowed up local streets. The Bay itself overflowed onto Shore Boulevard, West End Avenue and Emmons Avenue. We’ve heard in Manhattan Beach many of the streets were at least ankle high in water, and numerous trees are down.

Along Emmons Avenue, the damage was worst towards the eastern end, where Plumb Beach residents faced knee-high waters in the bungalow colonies and along side streets between Emmons Avenue and Shore Parkway.

Plumb Beach itself wasn’t spared. We’ve heard reports that the beach and parking lot are entirely under water, though it appears the Belt Parkway is clear from Bath Beach to Flatbush. Flooding at Bay 8th Street caused a closure of the Belt Parkway.

North of the Belt Parkway, most residents appeared to have escaped all but minor flooding. Trees and power lines, though, have fallen in various places all throughout the neighborhood, including several in Marine Park. We’re getting a lot of reports from the 11229 section of the neighborhood of downed trees.

Several boats lost their moorings, and a handful sank while others were tossed toward’s the Bay’s walls. Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club is reporting flooding, and say they’ve lost two boats.

With the hurricane’s eye upon us, waters appear to have receded. But the second wave will hit soon, and authorities are urging residents not to leave their homes, and especially not to drive. Our view of the street indicates that people are not heeding this warning.

Con Edison is reporting approximately 2,000 power outages in the Marine Park area, while the rest of our coverage area is seeing far less. In Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, Gravesend and Homecrest combined, about 250 residents are without power. The number is even less in Midwood. Most of these outages are due to downed trees; Con Edison did not cut power preemptively as was suggested might happen.

Here are photos submitted to us from readers throughout the neighborhood. If you have photos or video, please send it to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

Additional reporting by Robert Fernandez.

Thanks to Shelomo Alfassa, Mike Cipolla, Tina Maffeo, Albert Hasson, Dimitry S., Mike N., Richie W., Vlad K., Inna M., and others for submitting photos and tips.