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Photos: Hit & Run Kills Delivery Man In Gerritsen Beach


An 18-year-old Rockaway woman is in police custody, charged with leaving the scene of a car accident in which she allegedly struck and killed a Chinese food delivery man. The incident occurred at approximately 8:30 p.m. yesterday, near the merge of Gerritsen Avenue and Knapp Street.

Photographer Eddie Velinskie was on the scene and shared the following report with both us and

A white Nissan SUV type plate FHV-9034 New York,,,,, traveling south on Gerritsen Ave. at a high rate of speed and blew through the red light at Gerritsen Ave. &  Avenue V, struck a delivery man from Lucky Star on Knapp St with such force that it threw him out of his shoes and socks and left blood on the plate,,(see photo), the delivery man landed on the hood of the car and was taken half way down the block before falling off,,,,and the scooter landed one quarter down the block from the impact. Engine 321 arrived at the scene and started CPR on the delivery man due to being in Cardiac Arrest,,, EMS arrived and they all worked on him for five minutes before taking him to the hospital. I then noticed the Lucky Star menus in the street by the scooter and went and informed the Lucky Star about there man and they went to talk to the NYPD about him.

As of 11:00 PM NYPD said he passed,,,They have in custody an 18 y/o female in Rockaway Queens.

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  1. Certainly a tragedy, but I’m struck by the photo of these two leather clad, obviously vehicular police officers. Where are they on the Belt Parkway, enforcing the moving vehicular laws, on a stretch that in this commenters opinion, has become a three ring circus, with many other drivers blantantly ignoring the common sense laws, and showing total disregard for other drivers?!

  2. Do We Know If This Girl Was From Queens Or was she From The neighborhood?? This delivery Guy Was Very well Known in our Neighborhood and it is a Great Loss To us All!!!

  3. The murderer is 18 year old Kathryn Foris from Rockaway, Queens.  This guy was always out working hard and delivery food to the community.  I didn’t know him personally, but feel like I’ve lost a friend.  Life in prison would be too good for this horrible, disgusting beast.

  4. These are officers from NYPD Highway Patrol District Accident Investigation Squad (AIS) not patrol cars from the belt.

  5. It is a tragedy. And nice of Gerritsen Beach to share. 
    What happened to police scanners? It was on the news at 9 PM last night.

  6. whoa i think ur comment is a bit too much , obviously an 18 yr old girl who was scared, doesnt make it right but it doesnt make her a monster…

  7. 18 years old is a woman.  18 years old is a high school graduate, not a child.  At this age, if she is in posession of a drivers licence, she is considered an adult, and should be alot more responsible that she was.

  8. Maybe she went thru the light only a half second after it turned red. That’s ok with the drivers I hear from. Or maybe “only” a second. Or maybe only 2mph over the speed limit. Or maybe “only” 5.

    It’s time to treat the traffic laws seriously. You cannot go thru a red light. Period. What the heck is the purpose of a yellow light at this point?? What’s the purpose of posting speed limits if I’m told here that the poste limit is not “really” the limit.

    Every time I read horrid stories like this, I think how close I myself have come to these horrible fates. When is it going to be time to crack down?? I’ll bet the young lady cries “accident” and gets 6 months, while the victim’s family suffers for the remainder

  9. It DOES make her a monster – she left the scene of a crime.  It’s OK to be scared, but pull over to the side and wait for the police to come.  She ran away like a coward.  I hope that she spends a long time in prison, and never gets her license back.

  10. I don’t get the pic.
    It looks like the accident was on the east side if Gerritsen in a north bound lane.
    The bike is facing south several feet south of the cross walk.
    Did she hit him on the West side of Gerritsen and the impact sent everything into the North bound lane?

  11. ok lets look at it differently…  (Gd forbid this ever happens to anyone)

    Your Parent, daughter, son or someone CLOSE to you who was working, doing their job to bring home money to feed you or his family.  Then you get a call from the police, Something Happened to that person. they are Dead.   

    Then you read on the news, that some 18 year old did it, didn’t even stop to see if he’s ok, just sped off….     What would you think of her then?

    I feel real bad for his family, and hope they will be Alright!

  12. Hi,,,Yes that is what happended,,,the scooter landed facing south in the north bound lane and the delivery man landed halfway into the block bet. Ave V & Whitney Ave in the south bound lane with the his head/body pointing west,,,, I spoke with Gerritsen Beach EMT’s who were first on scene and they said they did all they could with NYFD’s Engine 321, but could not bring him back. Eddie Velinskie 24hr Photographer News Coverage

  13. 1) You have to hit someone pretty damn hard to have your license plate AND Nissan emblem to fall off.
    2) How are you stupid enough to keep going at that point? She might have well left her ID at the scene.

  14. I feel the same way, I just saw him that evening on my way home from work and 2 hours later he is gone.  So sad, he was a very nice man. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

  15. i know =( my parents ate there all the time, so sad. n she was from queens according to what i read elsewhere

  16. She drove for half a block with the man on her hood and kept going after he fell off.  Bkqtee1, you think SHE was scared?!?!?!  You might think she’s not a monster, but I say what she did was monstrous.  Plus, if her license plate had not been found on the scene with the man’s BLOOD on it, she might have gotten away with this atrocity. That’s what I call KARMA!!!

  17. Is the blood really necessary? Do you have to publish every photo you have? Yes, it is a news story, and an important one, but I think it is in rather poor taste, and ghoulish.  I won’t even begin to discuss the creepiness of the photographer.  Tacky, tacky, tacky.  And not one person had the decency to say anything.  Stay classy, Brooklyn.

  18. I agree. I don’t even like all the blood each week in CSI. However, that is what our society has become.

  19. They said she was traveling at a high rate of speed and also probably wasn’t paying attention, maybe Ben on a cell phone or texting. Or maybe the guy on the bike should have been wearing more reflective clothing to be more visible. Don’t villainize everyone going through the light a half second after it turns red or everyone going at 31 mies per hour saying th same thing can happen to them. There is no comparison. And she probably left the scene because she was scared and couldnt believe what just happened. Probably thought she was just watching an action movie at the theatre. That doesn’t excuse what happened. She should feel the full effect of the law for what she did.

  20. I was thinking if a GPS was involved in having her attention, and that she missed Knapp Street while looking for the Belt.

  21. I feel that if I were in a car, alone and hit a pedestrian….I would wish it were me. For whatever reason it happened she has to live with it and that is hell.
    There was an accident on Coleman Street about 2 weeks (or Less) ago that resulted in the death of an 82 year old gentleman. It is a sad, sad thing when a persons life is lost. The two woman in the car (the family of the deceased) will never be the same.

  22. I agreee with you ppl are overexxagerating if I was in her spot I’d be just as afraid …….these ppl don’t know her she paniced just like anyone else wud and everyone knows just as much as I know that chinese mann drove wrecklessly and the story is completely twisted around …….ppl don’t know shittt…….and assuming doesn’t get ppl anywhere….I don’t mean to talk mean about the dead ….I am very upset that this happened but this 18 year old didn’t mean it and doesn’t deserve to spend time in jail….its callled accidents they always happen and I’m sure this 18 year old is no monster……

  23. The following applies regardless of being afraid.

    NY Code
    Vehicle and Traffic
    Title VI
    Article 22
    Section 600
    2. Personal injury
    a. Any person operating a motor vehicle who, knowing or having cause to know that personal injury has been caused to another person, due to an incident involving the motor vehicle operated by such person shall, before leaving the place where the said personal injury occurred, stop, exhibit his or her license and insurance identification card for such vehicle, when such card is required pursuant to articles six and eight of this chapter, and give his or her name, residence, including street and street number, insurance carrier and insurance identification information including but not limited to the number and effective dates of said individual’s insurance policy and license number, to the injured party, if practical, and also to a police officer, or in the event that no police officer is in the vicinity of the place of said injury, then, he or she shall report said incident as soon as physically able to the nearest police station or judicial officer.
    Any violation of the provisions of paragraph a of this subdivision, […] where the personal injury involved […] (ii) results in death shall constitute a class D felony.

  24. Photographer only captures the reality. There pictures do not add or subtract anything – just report.
    Viewing of these pictures should be mandatory for anybody who put the key into ignition – otherwise we get to read comments about about a poor scared girl who didn’t have to stop because she was afraid…

  25. it would not be deemed an accident if she ran a redlight. And even if it’s an accident, she should’ve stopped and called the police. Who’s to say that if she didn’t drag the man half a block, maybe he would’ve had more of a chance of surviving? To be able to drive with someone you just hit on your hood, thats not call panick.. thats call selfish and not caring for others at all. 

  26.  if there was no alchol involved in this crash than  it sholud not be criminaL .It was wrong of this girl to drive on  but remember she was only 18 may never have had an accident before total panick shock scared all sort of things running thru her head.Was she right to leave no! but what was her state of mind  I would think she was in shock and not thinking rationally. what would you do  oh we all say we would stop  but who knows until it happens to you.This girl should be held accountable for the accident and that is what it is an accident she did not go looking to run someone over that night  and yes she ran the red light but you mean to tell me all of  you goody two shoes that call her a murder never ran a light or a stop sign or made an illegal turn you where just lucky nothing happened when you broke the law or we would be calling you a murder.It is tragic what has happened here but calling a young girl a murderer is  sick  Jim In florida

  27. You must be pretty lonely then you loser. The girl works hard, goes to college and has never been in trouble before. I’ve come close to hitting delivery men because they don’t follow any rules of the road. She was wrong for leaving the scence but she is only 18 and panicked, so save your miserable comments for the people that PURPOSELY go out and harm others. That’s why there called accidents.

  28. No, he was an immigrant, not an illegal. I’m just appauled at the fact that maybe, just maybe, if she stopped, he might have lived just because he wouldn’t have been subjected to continued force after already being hit. EMTs would have arrived sooner too if she stopped and called 911 herself..

  29. She was speeding and she ran a red light.  As a result, she killed someone.  That’s negligence, not an “accident.”

    Actions have consequences.

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