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Photos: Five Car Accident On East 21st Street, Ave W


A reader reports of a five car accident at the intersection of Avenue W and East 21st Street at about 3:15 p.m. on Saturday, May 14. According to the driver of the Mercedes pictured, an Access-A-Ride van ran the stop sign, hitting her car as she was crossing the intersection.

The driver of the Mercedes then crashed into a black Lincoln town car parked on the corner of East 21st Street pushing it up the curb and down the street about 10 feet. The Mercedes bounced off the Lincoln, crossed the street and hit the 1970 Chevelle damaging its front end slightly. The driver then crashed into a parked white Mercury Marquis, pushing it up on the sidewalk, through the fence and into the yard of 2361 East 21st Street.

According to witnesses, The Access-A-Ride van, slowed and looked at the carnage but immediately left the scene.

The owner of the black Lincoln town car, who refused to give his name, stated, “It’s a miracle I’m still alive. I had just taken my groceries out of the trunk of my car and crossed the street when she hit me. Twenty seconds earlier, I would have been dead.” Amazingly, no one was hurt.

According to residents, it took police at least two-and-a-half hours to respond to the scene. One by-stander tried hailing a passing police car, only to receive a “peace” sign salute from the officer driving the car.

Photos by Laura Fernandez and nolastname.

Cars one and two.

Car four.
Car three.
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  1. Waiting two and a half hours for a police response is absolutely ridiculous. Are they too busy writing summonses to serve the public adequately?

  2. There was an accident this morning at about 8:45 on Shore Pkwy right off the CIA exit ramp of the Belt. I couldn’t take a picture while avoiding incompetent (jerkoff) drivers trying to figure out how to cut someone off to go around a split second faster. 

  3. hey
    man city needs money….cant you tell unemployment is improving. Damn city
    agencies want to squeeze us for every dollar….have you had an experiencing when
    paying with credit card for meter…you get charged but you don’t receive a

  4. There was also a car accident on Nostrand ave/Shore pkwy on Saturday morning at about 8:00.  I couldn’t stop to photograph it, as I was driving and the cops were there.  It didn’t look like anyone was hurt – at least I hope not.  There are too many people in our neighborhood who drive crazy.  I’ll never be in that much of a rush for anything. 

  5. Amazing no one was hurt, except the tree. I hope the city is informed to replace it right away so it can be done by next year.

  6. there was a big accident on the beltparkway by the bayparkway exit on sunday. a Rav4 was on its roof, and a van was wrapped around a tree.  

  7.  yea whats up with that? 2 hours? what if someone was hurt?

    i can’t understand why they make people wait that long…. as a cop once told me, the reason is they don’t want to fill out paper work, cause it’s boring as hell. and if that is the reason, that cop is a douche. imo

  8.  I dont think being in a hurry or even driving somewhat fast is a big problem. It is paying attention, being aware and driving ability that are the problems. Im an aggressive driver but am always aware of everything around me and with experience understand what my car is capable of. Sometimes i think that testing people to get a drivers license should be as thorough as getting a handgun license in NYC. There are 17 year olds driving daddys 2-3 ton rocket with no idea how to control it then theres 80 year olds that have lost the ability to control it.  

  9. There was also an accident on Ave U and Nostrand last night around 12:30 AM. Two cars were involved, one being a Mustang.

  10. If someone would be hurt, then the cops would make it there a lot faster, including an Ambulance. 

  11.  A problem with this story about the Access-A-Ride van… Story States that it his the Benz… from the above pics, there doesn’t seem to be any side damage to the Benz

  12.  The driver of the benz was probably Talking on her cell phone and didn’t realize the Stop sign…  thats what it looks like really….

  13.  I Agree with this Notion.

    with the teens, we can’t do much…. but with the 70+ yr olds is there a way we can get  our mayor to Retest them…. Cause i’m getting sick and tired of old people drivers.

  14.  in other words…the lady in the benz slammed the gas instead of the breaks.

    cant blame that on the access-a-ride

  15. An ambulance came immediately and checked out the driver. Once they knew she was fine they tried calling the cops as well. An EMT told me he tried 3 times with no response. The left about 1/2 hour before the police arrived. came immediately and checked out the driver. Once they knew she was fine they tried calling the cops as well. An EMT told me he tried 3 times with no response. The left about 1/2 hour before the police arrived.

  16. Indeed.  Otherwise, imagine the force that bus would have had to hit the Benz with!  Front of the bus would be gone, along with Benz’s fender or door(s).

  17. There was some light damage above the driver’s side rear wheel and tell tale white paint from the Access-A-Ride van. My feeling is that this should have been a minor accident, but the Mercedes driver panicked.  

  18. Judging by the third picture, the stop sign is an eternity away from where the crash occurred. Seems like BS to me.

    Even if there was any truth to her story, unless they find the Access-A-Ride, her insurance company will foot the bill for all the damage done and her premium will go up.

  19. maybe the driver of the benz did panic, but this would not be the first time i have heard of an access a ride causing a car accident, nor is it the second. besides that, i witnessed one accident being caused by an access a ride van, an accident that could have easily been avoided, also while turning.
    I’m just more inclined to believe that there may have been an access a ride van simply because i have seen too many incompetent drivers in those vans, that cause either traffic or traffic accidents.

  20. the dumb bitch on mercedes ran a stop sign cause she was too busy talkin on her cellphone, as she is doin so now.  

  21. and to push a town car 10 feet and bounce off to push grand marquis onto the sidewalk and into the fence, she must of been flyin down the block

  22.  Agreed..although I am not too fond of many Access-a-Ride drivers. Have seen too many of their drivers drive like they have no clue…let alone follow the law..(ex… No Trucks, Trailers, Buses in left lane).  With that said, with that much impetus, the bus would have probably flipped over.

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