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Photos: Fire Rips Through Two Backyards, Garages Near Avenue U



A fast-moving fire ripped through the backyards and garages of two residences near Avenue U before being squashed by local firefighters.

The fire began behind a daycare center at 2125 East 21st Street shortly before 4:30 p.m.. Within minutes, according to our tipster and photographer Randy Contello, who witnessed it, the fire had spread to the home’s deck, a tent, and garage.

It then crossed property lines into the garage behind it, belonging to a property owner on East 22nd Street, and then into their yard.

Contello called 911, and reports that the FDNY was on-scene within two minutes. He said it took approximately five minutes to bring under control, although fire inspectors and others stayed on-scene until later in the day.

There were no injuries caused by the fire.

Contello reports that heat from the fire was enough to crack the glass of a neighboring house, and that the flames were visible above the house itself.



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  1. I live on East 22nd St, my daughter was playing on our back deck and saw the first wisps of smoke and came to get me, I called the fire dept immediately, within minutes the fire was raging and thick black smoke was billowing into the air. Thank goodness the fire dept were able to put it all out quickly, it could’ve been so much worse.

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