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Photos: Car Fire On Ocean Avenue And Avenue Y


Like moths to light, Sheepshead Bites’ readers are drawn to car fires.

We received a whole slew of photos and phone calls from readers who passed by a car that burst into flames on Ocean Avenue near Avenue Y.

One reader approached the driver – well after the fire was put out – and asked what happened. But she refused to talk and only laughed and shook her head.

We’re waiting to hear back from the police with details on the incident. Until then, marvel at these photos from nolastname, BrooklynQ and ┬áJulie K. And a tip of the hat to BrooklynBus, who was the first to call us (though couldn’t snag a photo).

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  1. Couldn’t snag a photo because I was in my car driving at the time I saw it. Don’t believe in snapping while driving.

  2. Looks like it’s a Passat/Jetta. Those things are fire prone. My friend’s Jetta went up in flames due to an overheated headlight

  3. Damn it man – Have you no loyalty? I stood in the middle of the street in oncoming traffic and snapped pictures! Anything for The Bites!

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