Southern Brooklyn

Photos: Blizzard Plagues All Corners Of Sheepshead Bay


Since the blizzard struck, many of us have been limited to the streets around our homes. We’ve heard complaints from neighbors in all parts, and everyone’s convinced that as bad as this storm hit Southern Brooklyn, their home, their block, their local thoroughfare were hit the worst.

Well, the hundreds of photos we’ve collected from readers tells another story: the problems on your block are plaguing every other nook and cranny of Sheepshead Bites’ coverage area.

We’ve put together an expansive gallery of photos from readers in every section of our neighborhood, be it Emmons Avenue or Avenue U, Nostrand Avenue or McDonald Avenue. We’ve got photos from Kings Highway and Marine Park and Manhattan Beach and Gravesend. And the photos are still coming in.

Meanwhile, conditions have not gotten much better in the two days since the storm waned. The response from the city has been to urge patience, with Mayor Bloomberg stating, “The world has not come to an end. The city is going fine.”

The world may not have come to an end, Mr. Mayor. But our patience is nearing it.

Without further ado, here are photos submitted to us from a huge roster of readers. We thank each and every one of you for your help in telling this story.

Photos by Allan B., nolastname, Richard Resnick, Elena R., Michelle De Meglio, Allan Rosen, Nora F., Randy C., Mariya Y., Tiffany Y., Yelena L., Leung, Elana O., Janelle F., Stan D., Judy B., Julie K., PayPaul, Boris S. and Arthur Borko.