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Photo: Well, That’s One Way To Beautify The Neighborhood After A Disaster


Bit by bit, inch by inch, Sheepshead Bay’s residents are banding together and cleaning up the streets of debris and other filth. We are looking less like the disaster zone we became after Hurricane Sandy twisted many of our homes around, and left us shocked and dismayed.

But we’re glad to see we’re not all losing our senses of humor.

One resident decided that a painting in his flood ravaged home was worth salvaging – and could be put to good use prettying the neighborhood up a little.

So he hung it from a tree on Avenue Y, just off East 15th Street.

Bravo, sir.

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  1. Nice picture. Also, the giant tree that completely blocked Avenue W bet East 26 and East 27 was chopped up Friday very early A.M. (like 1.30 am) and now Ave W is open. This has had a beneficial effect on Avenue U traffic which has been insufferable this week. Also, can motorists refrain from horn honking just because the driver in front of you stops for pedestrians at crosswalks where the traffic lights are broken.?

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