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Photo: Progress At Delmar Pizzeria


C’mon already, I’m cravin’ chicken parm here!

Well, looks like I won’t have to wait much longer. The storefront of Delmar Pizza & Italian Eatery at 1668 Sheepshead Bay Road is just about done, with new facade and all. We stopped in there today, and the interior still needs work, but the owner tells us the hardest part is behind them. They were constructing a brand new counter, which looks like it runs a little longer than the previous one – but it’s okay, they’ve pushed back the back wall, too, so the seating area will stay about the same.

They will be open in early spring if all goes according to plan. That’s just a few weeks away, and another reason to celebrate the end of this dreadful, depressing winter.

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  1. It seems like their construction after Sandy is taking longer than many of the other stores on Sheephead Bay Rd.

  2. I hope they use the chance to replace the tables and make them adjustable or movable so fat assholes like me can eat there.

  3. This pizza is great. Everyone should stop by and get their pizza and other wonderful Italian dishes. YUM!

  4. The best in Brooklyn. And I don’t live in Sheepshead Bay. But it’s the best I’ve found around the borough. Hurry back Delmar, it’s worth the train ride.

  5. Got to say… During their absence, I have finally tried Sofia’s pizza on Coney Island Avenue and have found it to be excellent. Even some of their entree dishes are great, though made differently from how Del Mar would do it. Of course looking forward to Del Mar’s return and will be ordering Chicken Sorrentino ASAP, but nice to have an option for something else or a different take on occasion.

    Regarding Bay Pizza– GREAT long-term neighborhood guys who I would love to support more, but other than the odd slice their actual food is often inedible and poorly made. Almost wish I could tell them so they could address whoever is doing the cooking inside the kitchen and maybe change-up their recipes or quality of ingredients… but I guess I just did tell them.

  6. I HAVE NOT HAD PIZZA SINCE NOVEMEBER!!!! I refuse to eat any where else.
    ok. I had one slice at the pizzeria by the Subway and that one time during Christmas shopping at Sbarros at Kings Plaza. But still. Yes. I’m serious. This is the only one i ever liked, with the exceotion of Difara’s but i havent gone there in years.
    I miss Del Mar’s pizza.

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