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Photo: Parks Department Cleaning Up Riegelmann Boardwalk


Reader Illona B. sent us this photo today, letting us know that Parks Department crews are out in force on Riegelmann Boardwalk, the 2.5-mile waterfront icon spanning Brighton Beach and Coney Island that took a battering during the storm.

Several feet of sand blew up and over the boardwalk during Superstorm Sandy, and authorities have started the cleanup work to put it back where it belongs: the beach itself.

Here’s what Illona wrote:

Getting the sand over to the other side of the rail – bdwlk almost free of sand!  I’m actually impressed that parks dept. Was so quick to clean beach/bdwlk – now if only the kids couuld get some playgrounds re-opened!

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  1. NYC has ‘the Finest” and “The Bravest” and when it comes to the people who work for Parks… “The Nicest”

  2. Lets not forget the hundreds of volunteers who were cleaning the boardwalk starting weeks ago. They were working for nothing and even bringing their own equipment

  3. you mean the incredible volunteers from #Coneyrecovers Bruce? who could EVER forget what they did for Coney

  4. i don’t know what name they went by, but the word “incredible” is appropriate. I was eating in Tom’s Diner, and volunteers were coming in in droves. Then they were out on the boardwalk shoveling. Then another day I jogged by and they were out there, little shovels, big shovels, hands, feet, whatever.

  5. Although the Boardwalk didn’t suffer the major damage as the ones in New Jersey and Long Island the Coney Island boardwalk may have been seriously weakened. I walk on the boardwalk daily and i can sense the difference. Boards have been pushed up and the unbalanced feeling underfoot is definitely noticeable especially near the Aquarium. In fact, the only areas that seemed to have survived the best was the concrete area near Ocean Parkway and the newest renovation of the composite wood over concrete near Stillwell Avenue.. Much of the sand still needs to be removed and then a true assessment can be made.

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