Photo Of The Day: 7th Avenue Goes Back To 1981


Filming A Most Violent Year on 7th Avenue
The movie A Most Violent Year, starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, was filming this afternoon inside The Park Slope Barber, which our neighbor Keith Williams of The Weekly Nabe can tell you is probably a good location for the film, which takes place in the winter of 1981.

Keith recently wrote a great post on the barbershop, noting that it moved to this space from across the street (where Mr. Falafel is now) in 1974, and that the “barbershop is a reminder of a Park Slope that slowly fades each time a fro-yo shop or a trendy clothier evicts a mom-and-pop restaurant or a longtime dive bar.”

We hope everyone had a good time recreating the past for a few moments today, and we look forward to seeing the barbershop’s cameo in the film. But if you want to get that old New York feeling anytime, stop by the space at 223 7th Avenue for a cut, a shave, or just to say hi.

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  1. So, a film is shot in one storefront on Seventh Ave. Meanwhile, production vehicles, emitting noise until at least 11 PM, occupy seven blocks in Center Slope. Sorry, I may be in the minority here, but I’m not a fan of film shoots in our neighborhood.

  2. I work on this film, in the art department office, which is in Greenpoint. Friday was the only time ever in my film career that I wished I work on set instead of the office, when I left my apartment on 7th near Garfield, walked past the set to the G, rode it to Nassau and then walked to North Henry.

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