Southern Brooklyn

Photo: Momoyama Picking Up The Pieces


Momoyama, the Japanese hibachi joint inside the hard-hit Lundy’s building at 1901 Emmons Avenue, only just began their cleanup efforts on Friday.

When we stopped by, workers were there getting wooden boards up to secure the location, after Sandy’s flood waters battered the door. Like other establishments in Lundy’s ground level, Momoyama received upwards of six feet of water.

And it shows.

The restaurant’s table-sized grills, where so many of us have gathered for high school friends’ birthdays, were flipped and rusting on the floor, and chairs were scattered about. Although the water drained, it still had the musty-meets-salt-water smell we’ve gotten used to around here.

On the upside? The birthday drum on the wall seems to have survived unscathed. When they get back on their feet, we’ll be sure to visit and pretend it’s our birthday.

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  1. Thanks for that update, Ned. I said this before, on Facebook, but it bears repeating — you really are the best news outlet for keeping us informed. I realize that you, like much of this neighborhood, must have taken quite a hit from SuperSuckyStormSandy. Thank you for all you & your Sheepshead Bites crew’s hard work, in these tough times.

  2. This is our favorite restaurant in the world. I’ve dropped probably close to 2 grand over the years into this place, and I’d help build it back brick by brick with my hands if asked. No hibachi comes remotely close to this restaurant. I’ve introduced countless people here, and the opinion has been unanimous: big thumbs up.

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