Southern Brooklyn

Photo: Lake Avenue Is A Lake, Residents Pumping Out Water


We received the above photo from Missy Haggerty, the Lake Avenue resident who helped lead dozens of neighbors to safety out of the flooded corridor during Superstorm Sandy.

Missy tells us the bungalow courts remain underwater even as most of the water from this morning’s flash floods have receded elsewhere. The courts are below street level, and the drains – which, we’re told, are not connected to city sewer lines – were still clogged from Sandy, causing all the water to back up.

Residents are using pumps to get the water out now, and we’re told by a rep in Councilman Lew Fidler’s office that they’re working to get the Department of Environmental Protection on scene to help pump the water out of the alleyways.

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  1. Fidler and the rest of the useless elected officials need to do something about the sewer system…that’s a band wagon/soap box they can’t handle. Get the sewer lines raised….some how that is what will save the area. That or rebuild on stilts.

  2. The city can make sure that they properly maintain the storm sewers by cleaning the catch basins and corner drains on an agressive schedule. I know of three drains in Marine Park that are so clogged that they back up onto the street and hinder the flow of traffic. There’s no excuse for this.

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