Western Brooklyn

PHOTO: Flooding On N Line In Gravesend

courtesy Metropolitan Transit Authority

While people begin to wonder when Subway service will resume, the above photo of the N line, courtesy of the MTA, captures just one of the many problem points that currently exist in the system.

The scene shown above is from around 86th Street, where the Sea Beach Line comes to grade level before proceeding to Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island.

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  1. Great shot! Actually, it’s not that the Sea Beach Line comes to grade level at this point, but that the grade comes down to the level of the tracks. This is most noticeable where West 8th Street slopes down to meet Avenue X. At that point, Hubbard’s Creek, which was largely filled in during the late 1920s, flowed quite close to the tracks. It’s easy to imagine this photo shows a bit of Hubbard’s Creek reborn!