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Photo: Flooding Destroys Turnstiles, Vending Machines At Subway Stations


Wondering why it took an extra day to get service at Sheepshead Bay Road station? It’s partially because flood waters shorted out the electronics in the turnstiles and vending machines.

When we came in via subway to Sheepshead Bay station at around 11:00 a.m. today – the first day that Q service resumed making stops there – an electrician was on the scene making repairs to the turnstiles. It appeared all but one were out of order.

Both vending machines on the Sheepshead Bay Road side were also broken. We suspect it’s the same at the Voorhies exit, but there are booth clerks selling Metrocards and giving directions.

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  1. Why can’t they just put a sign in display & let the god damn train run? There are always at least 2/3 vending machines do not work @ times square station even at summer time.

  2. This is one problem,that would not have been,if good old fashioned tokens,were still in use.Technology is not always better.

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