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Photo Flashback: Avon Theatre


Old Avon Theatre 9th Street

Last week’s photo flashback was all about the RKO Prospect Theatre, so we’re going to continue with that theme and travel about a block down the slope to remember the Avon.

Located on 9th Street, between 4th and 5th Avenue, the Avon Theatre was also built in 1914, but was significantly smaller and far less glamorous than the RKO. It served as a movie house (you can see in the above photo, taken between 1940 and 1941, that it was showing Gone With The Wind) before transitioning over to XXX features, according to Cinema Treasures.

modern day avon theatre

The theatre was demolished in 1975 and replaced with a McDonalds, which is still in operation at the site today.

Historic photo via New York Public Library

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  1. When the Avon started showing Porn there wasn’t much of an outcry, but when the news broke that the theatre was becoming a McDonald’s, the community started picketing, as they felt the burger place would bring lowlifes and degenerates into the neighborhood.

    What a laugh Porn over Burgers , only in the slope.

  2. Almost the first thing I noticed in the vintage photo is the locksmith adjacent to the theater – so I immediately knew which block it had been on because they are still there. That place must have some interesting stories to tell! (I know they’ve always been very helpful…)

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