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Photo: Check Out This Crazy Road Collapse On Gravesend Neck Road


Just driving along, enjoying the day’s nice weather coming in through the windows, maybe blasting some Tom Petty or something, and you’re careening around the curve of Gravesend Neck Road near Homecrest Avenue and life is good a-

Cri-thrack! Holy crap, what was that?!

Buddy, your day just got all kinds of screwed up. And your car’s axle, too.

Chaim Deutsch, aide to Councilman Michael Nelson, tipped us off to this mother-sucker of a hole in the road, on Gravesend Neck Road and Homecrest Avenue. Deutsch described it as a “road collapse,” and said he’s informed the Department of Environmental Protection – which is responsible for the water and sewage lines underneath – and the Department of Transportation. The NYPD 61st Precinct is also on scene to prevent you from having the kind of day I described above.

On a side note: has anyone else noted an increase in water and sewage line damage across the neighborhood? Just driving around last week, I spotted four – all already being dealt with – including the one in front of my home.

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  1. If the DOT weren’t so busy wasting all the money that should have been used to repair the streets on white paint, traffic lights and bike lanes, it’s possible all these things could be avoided.

  2. I reported a sinkhole at that location last summer and the roadway above it was fixed, but I guess they didn’t bother filling in the empty space below it.

  3. This is nothing new to the area. I was talking about the sinkholes years ago. Ned, didn’t we go on a walk 2 or 3 years ago and I pointed out some in the area.

    Same thing with the cement around light poles. One of my corner poles was tilted too much, the cement was cracking up, and was replaced. Now the diagonal corner is the same. Don’t let me start on Verizon and the telephone poles.

  4. Yes your right I recall that 3 years ago. The streets are falling apart and takes forever to repair them. I see the sinkhole by the 61 Pct also. Lets see how long that’s going to take to repair. I reported 3 light poles in the last 2 weeks leaning with the base open. First they come and put red tape around it then you wait, wait & wait.

  5. And you, Georgia, did the right thing. If more people would dial 311 to report things like dead trees, lamp/telephone/fios poles that are leaning, sink holes, piles of trash dumped, open or missing sewer cover and anything that might cause a person harm (even though it takes forever) we would all be better off.

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