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Photo: Car Collision On Coney Island Ave, Ave W


Two cars collided at the intersection of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue W, in front of the 61st Precinct. We received the above photo just after 8:00 p.m. from tipster Tinx Chan, showing that the two cars hit each other nearly head on, and it appears as if the SUV was attempting a left turn.

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  1. Every car accident that happens in Sheepshead should not be considered “breaking news”. We already know the worst drivers in the country are right here in this neighborhood. There’s an accident every couple of minutes.

  2. It wasn’t labeled breaking news. You’re right, though, not every car accident is news worthy – something I realized when I got my scanner. But having a decent photo of one every now and then is a useful reminder to drive safely.

  3. A reminder to watch out for the other guy. TonyDanza is right “the worst” along with most arrogant in all of Brooklyn. There are days I see 2-3 accidents while shopping around.

  4. Please continue to post these. I don’t know why people would pooh-pooh this news as not newsworthy. This is my safety we’re dealing with, that’s the way I think of it. What’s more important than the physical safety of drivers, pedestrians, seniors, etc. in our own neighborhood.



  5. I have to tell you, THREE times in my life, I’ve almost been hit by a car WHILE WALKING ON THE SIDEWALK OF SHEEPSHEAD BAY ROAD. That’s right, no misprint. Not the intersection, not the gutter. Not near the gutter. The sidewalk.

          The cars want to park temporarily without blocking the narrow road, gosh-be-darned that I’m there walking.  No apology or anything.

       It doesn’t get worse than that!

  6. Must have been the caused by the six cyclists who had the temerity to bike down Emmons and caused such a fuss here yesterday.

  7. Not worse, pathetic. I had to dive out of the way of a car coming up onto a corner after running a stop sign.I hit the ground hard. The cop refused to take a report from me. Imagine that, well I called the pct. and he had to file a report whether he liked it or not. 
    I was OK after all but if I had developed pain we were going to have a court date.

  8. I’ve nearly been hit while drivers in front of me all of a sudden get the urge to make illegal 3 point turns without giving a signal.  This is something that is happening more and more often – in the middle of Avenue Y, in the middle of Ocean Avenue, it’s just rediculous.

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