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Photo: Baby Raccoon Parades Around Avenue P


This little guy was spotted strutting his stuff on Avenue P and East 10th Street by reader ShadowLock, right around the corner from where Weiner resigned yesterday. I wonder if he smelled all the garbage that packed into the area yesterday and decided to check it out.

Unfortunately, residents weren’t too happy about it. ShadowLock writes:

I pushed some jerk cause he was throwing rocks at the poor fella saying how when it grows up it can kill someone, I was like, are you dumb… it’s a living thing and it’s a Baby look how defenseless it is.

He really ruined my morning…  🙁

Raccoons may be pests, but people should call animal control to take care of them, not stone-throwing thugs.

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  1. The only thing animal control will do is tell you to buy a cage from home depot and trap the raccoon yourself and bring it in to their shelter. They don’t dispatch officers to trap the raccoons unless they appear rabid.

  2.  In that case can I call animal control if there are people on the train who appear rabid.  See them all the time…..

  3. This is so unfortunate. Raccoons are cute but they grow up to be predators and will kill cats and dogs. (though i had a Siamese that took on three raccoons and sent them running off) Like possums they adapt easily to urban environment and I suspect that will in ten years be as common as feral cats. And perhaps just as visible by then.

  4. Thanks for posting this 🙂

    And for all my Fellow Bay Residents, here is the # for Animal Control so that no more animals die from Jerks like the one i am referring to. 311 and ask for animal control.

    correct me if i’m wrong Ned thanks.

  5. Raccons are oh so cute…until you find one in your kitchen becauase they clawed their way thru the screen door to get at your food.

  6. Yeah, about that… I’m not a raccoon. I’m sorry I clawed through your screen door and stole your food, but please stop hitting me with a broom every time you see me.

    And yes, I am oh-so-cute.

  7. i called animal control, and they sent an officer down here, probably cause i told them there were people throwing rocks at it….

    they put him in a cage and left. however my Day was ruined because of that jerk guy.

  8. I once saw a guy nonchalantly walking down Avenue U years ago with a baby raccoon following him at his heels. It must have been imprinted on him or something, because there was no leash, and it completely ignored anyone else. It was ADORABLE. Probably illegal and potentially dangerous if the guy was trying to raise it, but still adorable.

    At least they got this one away from the rock throwers. Thanks for taking responsibility and making sure it got resolved.

  9. The good issue is that our area is now fit for wild life.
    The bad issue is which wild life do we support, the wild two legged ones, or the four legged ones trying to survive?

  10. you should have took couple of pictures of that asshole who was throwing rocks. I would gladly throw some rocks his way.

  11. Oops..acc murders them….sad and very true, please
    Never ever call acc for wildlife, find a,
    And dont kill any babies only trying to eat

  12. Grown coonies will normally never kill a dog or
    Cat, they are NOT pregators, but oppertunistic
    Feeders! They will never be as common as.feral cats
    As their lifespan in the wild is only three years!!
    Mostly thanks to humans ! Read up please there are.many
    Good wildlife resxue sites.for.coons.that can tell you more

  13. I saw raccoons attack my cat. They are definitively aggressive. I have heard from cat rescuers that they have found cats that were the victims of raccoon attacks.
    As to their longevity, raccoons can be very stealth. Most people never see them. Feral cats, OTOH, do not have especially long lifespans, but they do spawn large litters.

  14. Unfortunately, wild life rescue will give you a have a heart cage and get you to trap it yourself.  Then you can bring it to them.  Animal control will not do anything.  My neighbor came home one day to find a possum on his bed.  He thought he could just push it out the door with a broom, but the animal hissed and snapped at him.  He called 311 and was told by animal control that they couldn’t do anything to help him.  When my neighbor told them that he was NYPD and would shoot the critter, he was told that if he killed the possum, he would be in big trouble.  Imagine that, Once again, NYC shrugging off its responsibilities to the taxpayers.

  15. sorry that a coon attacked your cat- chances are it was feeding babies and on a search for food. It is rare that a coon would attack a dog or cat. I am an avid rescuer..if humans would keep cats indoors (where they are safe), and food/garbage secure the coons would stay food- no need to be there! I see them all the time in my backyard stealing a veggie or two- have them on tape eating a tomato.
     The normal life span of a wild coon is three years, a feral that is part of a colony is around 5 years- and if the humans that care for the colony do not TNR they produce hundreds of babies, and their babies have babies..and so on. Spay/Neuter and keep kitties inside.

  16. good info can be found here, if it’s okay to post a link.

  17. The coons were definitely looking for food, and it appeared that people were feeding them.

    Most of the cats at risk are street cats. People should not let their cats out for a number of reasons; one being that the risk of getting feline leukemia by contact with spaces passed through by infected cars being is significant.

  18. It is a sad life for most feral cats..feline leukemia- aids, and URI’s,mean kids, lack of food and shelter..and the list goes on. We have altered so many kittens already this year- seemed they were born early- “the season” seems to last longer as the years pass..or maybe I am just getting old? I wish every animal around had to be altered before being adopted (health permitting)- or the human family would have to pay a breeders tax on the bitch, and a puppy tax for each puppy/kitten born. Something I am sure will never happen- too busy with mosque and smoking issues to help with alittle four legged problem!

     I have realized just how hard it is to find legal raccoon rescuers here in the city, so I am working hard to gather names and numbers of folks willing to get their RVS certification. I know I would help fund a legal re-habber in the area, and I also know of several other people willing to help. Trappers are here- but what can they do with un-weaned babies- sadly 99.9% of the time it is death. Don’t mean to sound so cold- but adult coonies keep mice and rats away!

  19. SO true about 311 and the response!
     A GOOD wildlife rescue will come and help- we just don’t have any options in our area..sigh

  20. There are a bunch of `em in my neighborhood-Dyker Heights. They live in the golf course, Poly Prep and along the Belt Parkway. Nasty little suckers! They destroy your lawn, gardens, and go through your garbage with their sharp claws. They operate at night. If you see one in the daytime, it is probably rabid.  A little girl got attacked by one last summer ad had to go for rabies shots. They hiss at you if you try to shoo them away. Stay away from them!

  21. 2 cases of  raccoon rabies reported in Brooklyn for 2010
    0 for 2009
    0 for 2008
    0 for 2007
    0 for 2006
    0 for 2005
    and zero cases so far this year!! If you see a raccoon out in the day it is usually either hungry, or too young to know better! Keep lid locks on trash, and spot lights on gardens at night. Be thankful you don’t have mice and rats rummaging through your yard..thank a coon.
    The dyker heights coons have become way too used to humans- not good for people- but worse for the raccoons. A water hose with a nice sharp spray will get them to leave usually- best to secure trash and don’t feed animals out side.

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