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Photo: Avenue U Garbage Situation Is “Appalling”



The photo above was taken this morning on Avenue U and East 14th Street.

According to reader Tracy M., it’s indicative of “the appalling state of the neighborhood, post snow. This pic was taken this morning at Ave U and East 14. I could have gone for blocks taking similar pictures.”

We saw Sanitation workers catching up on residential streets this morning, and with the snow they surely have had a lot on their plates these last few weeks. But we’re inclined to agree: there’s no real excuse for what you see above.

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  1. and no one else is responsible of course? not the store owners or the people taking this photo right? it seems this is our own problem. we always wait for someone else to clean up!

  2. So you recommend we start taking the trash to the recycling station ourselves? Why are we paying taxes for the Sanitation Dept then? Maybe the answer is privatize the garbage collection, nobody wants to deal with garbage ourselves.

  3. This is worse then it usually is. Avenue U is never clean. Trash all over the place. What was once a nice shopping area is now a pig sty. Years ago, the people who owned or rented the stores took pride and would sweep in front of their stores. Not anymore. Years ago, there were hardly any stores that put out displays in front of there stores. Now there are many and a number of them are breaking the law, by “spreading” out too far and nothing is being done about it. The local politicians have to know this too. Shame on them for letting Avenue U shopping area look like a SLUM!!!!!!!!

  4. Aside from the people who are really responsible, (i.e. the shopkeepers and those who toss their trash on the street) – Who should the finger be pointed at? Ultimately, who is going to clean it up? Is there a city agency? Would love to see suggestions on how to fix the problem….

  5. I walk my dog around there….he is always looking for stray garbage to munch on–from french fries to chicken bones and orange peels. The corner pails fill up QUICK and over flow fast. BUT asking for more pick-ups is only 1/2 the solution. Garbage must first MAKE it to the pail! People eat in their cars and discard the garbage on the curb. Also residents do not always have garbage pails and either cheap bags or stray cats looking for dinner make a mess on the floor.

    There is a nice art store on Ave U (E 14/13) that spruced up their curb…they should be commended.

  6. I told my wife the other day I would rather pay for my trash pick up because to pay taxes but have most of the service provided to manhattan when I live in Queens is a smack in the face and taxation without representation. We should get rid of the sanitation department and pay for actual usage… While we are at it, we should change the entire tax code to be Based that of consumption rather than income tax.

  7. What happened to to old days when the NYC Satiation Dept had shovels and brooms on the trucks. When they cleaned up the mess that they made and if any garbage was in the street, they also cleaned it up. How about when the garbage trucks fill up the rear and bags fall and get run over and make a mess in the roads. How about when the NYC Satiation Dept make a mess in front of some locations then a summons is given for dirty fronts. How about when the NYC Satiation Dept had water trucks to clean roads and the water pushed the garbage to the curbs for the brooms to clean. What happened to the NYC Satiation Dept put the pails back in front of the right homes on the sidewalk standing not thrown. “THAT WAS WHEN PEOPLE REALLY WORKED FOR THEIR PAY”. “R E M E M B E R … A CLEANER NEW YORK IS UP TO YOU!”

  8. I’ve watched the guys loading trash into the truck spill garbage and leave it on the street, sidewalk, etc. and then drive away. It’s a shame really.

  9. I was once cursed out by a sanitation worker who was emptying trash cans on Ave. U and left an empty pizza box there. I asked he if he as going to take that too and he cursed me out. With all the street noise, I didn’t hear one word this pig said. Shows how some of these overpaid sanitation employees do their job, or should I say NOT DO THEIR JOB!!!

  10. You are right, but note the truck # or snap a cell image and call it in to 311 with time and place, they will go after those workers.

  11. Also, store owners MUST clean up in front of their stores. We need pick up 2 times a day seven days a week just like hey do downtown, like Smith Street or Court Street. We deserve the same pick up and four litter baskets at every commercial intersection. The same filth is on the median in Emmons Avenue since they removed the center island litter baskets. They need to bring them back and provide seven day pick up in the entire Sheepshead Bay commercial areas.

  12. You are right, but note the truck # or snap a cell image and call it in to 311 with time and place, they will go after those workers.

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