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Phone Snatching Outside Salahi on Cortelyou


A woman walking down Cortelyou Road on Saturday night around 9pm had her phone stolen by a group of men who had apparently been inside Salahi moments earlier.

Her partner tells us that she was talking on her phone when she passed by the bodega on the corner of Argyle Road, and several men came out of the shop. One grabbed her from behind, then stole her phone, and the other men stopped anyone from chasing him. Thankfully, the woman was not injured.

They describe the man who stole the phone as wearing a bright blue puffer jacket and a grey hoodie.

They also note that the 70th precinct “responded promptly and efficiently,” and that the man’s image, but not the crime, was captured on surveillance cameras at Salahi. We’re waiting to hear back from the 70th for more information, and will update if they are able to share any images of the suspect.

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  1. My husband was walking from Cortelyou down Marlborough rd and had his phone out. He was attacked from behind and choked and passed out. He came to about an hour later had a really bruised face and ribs. His phone and wallet were gone. This occurred also on Saturday night at around 11:30 PM. he didn’t want to make a police report because he didn’t see the people who did this although i strongly urged him to do so.
    A few weeks ago I saw a young boy about 13 or 14 tall and skinny grab a phone out of a woman’s hand and she chased him down cortelyou and around the corner down rugby by the school screaming the entire way.
    I feel worried and helpless and scared to walk the streets with my children now. I have seen a group of three-four african american boys walking around and i think that they are doing this. when will this end? we need more of a police presence in our streets!

  2. At about 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon, our 15-year-old son was walking on Rugby between Newkirk and Ditmas with his iPhone out, and was attacked by two young guys who bloodied his lip and took the phone. A kind neighbor helped him home, and the police responded immediately, although the attackers have not been found. Don’t walk with your phone out.

  3. I hate to say it but if more citizens were allowed to arm themselves there would be a lot less violent crime. now, criminals know that only the police and they are armed. citizens are helpless. I’d at least compromise and make it so only women are allowed to carry. I’m of the male persuasion.

  4. Doesn’t he realize that without information on such crimes the police don’t allocate cops to where they are needed. If they know there is a pattern of crimes Saturday nights around Cortelyou and Marlborough they’d put plainclothes cops out there. Very inconsiderate on his part.

  5. this is horrible, i really wish at the next meeting of the 70th precinct or whatever is is that are held, we can band together and make ourselves heard. these are young kids, i am sure if they say one cop walking up and down cortelyou they would be more scared to approach people

  6. i agree, that the exact reason why i told him he should report it. i will call the precinct and let them know myself.

  7. The women lost her phone but wasn’t injured. If the woman showed a gun, they’d have to kill her. If the woman was able to get the gun out and take a shot, what would be the odds that the bullet would hit the intended target and not an innocent bystander (or bystanders)? If they perp ran away and then she shot him, SHE’D BE IN TROUBLE. Is all this worth if for a phone?

  8. i think if you are going to obtain a license to carry a handgun in nyc, you should have some training first. kinda scary to think a person would just buy a gun and not have any practice, mace makes more sense

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