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Person Of Interest TV Series Shooting Tomorrow Near Roll-N-Roaster – No Parking In Area Beginning Tonight


CBS’s crime drama Person of Interest will be shooting in the Bay tomorrow, meaning no parking around the location beginning tonight at 10:00 p.m.

Signs showed up on meters and telephone polls around Roll-N-Roaster late last week, letting residents know that parking will be off-limits for the time being. The area includes the most of the north side of Emmons Avenue from Nostrand Avenue to East 28th Street, as well as up East 29th Street and part of Shore Parkway. We assume the less scenic areas are where they’ll put the trailers, crews and lunch buffet. Never forget the lunch buffet.

The series is shooting its second season and stars that guy who played Jesus in that snuff film Jim Caviezel as a former CIA agent who runs around New York City stopping violent crimes.

Let me help you out, Jim. The Roll-N-Roaster roast beef did indeed kick the crap out of Burger King.

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  1. Why is this BS allowed?  Isn’t it hard enough to park in this neighborhood during the summer, especially Emmons Avenue?  Who really cares that a stupid TV series wants to shoot?  The mayor should not allow this – I don’t care how much money it brings to the city.  Just another example of His Homo not having any respect for the people who live here.

  2. u mad bro? why not eliminate taxes as well… its revenue for the city/state/countr, but it must greatly inconvenience you to pay…

  3. There’s not a lot of revenue generated specifically through location shooting. Some revenue is generated if the production company is New York based.

  4. I’d rather know why you are allowed?  Of course location shooting is inconvenient and annoying but NYC takes in lots of money from having production companies located here, income and sales taxes from the film crews and lots of other multipliers. I do not think NYC was better off or less crowded when movies and tv shows faked NYc in Hollywood back lots.

  5. His Homo? Whaddya in high school? Make your silly, snide remarks, but at least have some credibility — and maturity — behind them. 
    Guess the city should apologize to His Barkingness for inconveniencing him for a little while.

  6. My work takes me to the city where I have to drive and park and location shooting is really annoying but it;s just another thing about living in NY that one has to put up with. As far as revenue, this is a quote from the NY Times:
    “Film production also benefits New York City as a whole. Last year, $2 billion was spent here directly on film and television work, and the city received $200 million in various sales, business and income tax revenues, a sum the city would lose should the business disappear.”

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