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Pedestrian Struck On Avenue U, Brown Street

Source: is reporting that a pedestrian was hit by a pickup truck this morning on Avenue U and Brown Street.

The incident occurred shortly before 11:00 a.m., leaving the victim injured but in stable condition.

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  1. Hope everyone is ok. I think congress really needs to take a hard look at who gets licensed to drive a motor vehicle and have mandatory safe walking classes in every school.

  2. I would say have mandatory safe walking classes for
    pedestrians…for most part people walk carelessly and without looking for
    upcoming vehicles when it’s not their light…I would just leave everything to
    its elements….i don’t think government should get more involved…I am fed up
    with damn bicycle lanes all over the NYC….

  3. Maybe people should just start exercising common sense.  Drivers, motorcyclists, bike riders, pedestrians, everyone!  Not everything needs to be a big ordeal.  Use your head!

  4. You don’t know how many times I’ve nearly hit someone in that exact spot.  They run out from between parked cars and try to cross in the middle of the street.  I’m surprised I have any brakes left from stopping short. And the best part?  These jackwagons have the chutzpah to call me stupid!  I got so pissed off one day I told the guy to come back and do that again, this time I will be sure NOT to stop.

  5. Everyone is in such a big hurry.  For what?  To get a slice of pizza?  They don’t realize that there is no pizza that is so delicious that it is worth your life.

  6.  These people need something called…………….Common Sense…..

    If you see a car driving at speeds….. it’s probably not a good idea to cross the street, cause the car won’t stop for you…. it’s not Magic….

  7. A friend of mine lives a block away and I have noticed east of Nostrand has unexpected hazards. Is it because of the bar? Is the bar still there? Check cashing in a hurry? 

  8. Both places are still there, but I don’t blame them for any of the problems.  People just don’t watch what they are doing and jay walk.  They expect the cars to just stop for them.  Sometimes that is not possible, and this is when disasters happen.

  9. It’s really disturbing to me that so many people are blaming the pedestrian when we have posted no information whatsoever about the circumstances. Chill out, folks. A man has been hospitalized.

  10.  it’s cause most of us are drivers……and we probably deal with this shit Everyday….

    Wish him a Speedy Recovery!

  11. you’ve got to be  kidding. Pedestrians are being mowed down by reckless speeding all over the place, and the solution is walking classes? Oh my gosh. Why don’t we have classes like “how to get out of the way of gunfire” while we’re at it.

  12. Thank you. A  guy is lying in the street, and it’s his fault….  sound like the time I snapped my chin right into some poor guy’s fist…

  13. I’d like a summons book. I could make the city thousands a day writing up quality of life fines. Littering and poop would be #1, followed by jaywalking & some sort of walking while distracted. Double parkers would get hit and double parkers next to a parking or pull in spot would be hit twice.

  14. My neighbor’s teen was crossing the street… texting. Yep, she got hit. Very lucky kid, lightly tapped with the bumper.  And she (teen) complained that the car should have been more careful. Can’t help but wonder if the person here was on the phone… or texting. Or the driver. 

  15. I hate to be offensive, but I am going to be anyway.  Kids today are totally unconscious.  I saw a kid one day skateboarding across SBR at Jerome Avenue, texting, wearing earplugs and totally not paying attention to the crazy traffic there.  I was waiting for her to be hit.  Traffic lights don’t seem to matter to anyone anymore.  People have to cross at corners, at the light, not in the middle of the street, they have to look both ways TWICE before crossing.  Yeah – people are unattentive and cross however they want, but if they are hit, we drivers are the ones who have to pay.  

  16. That corner and Avenue U and Nostrand is a horror. My grandmother died after being hit by a car on U and Nostrand.  Just horrible. The DOTY needs to reevaluate the traffic lights on both Brown and U as they are not in synch and one time too many people try to beat them so they don’t have to wait. I live here and see it all the time. Hope all went OK afterwards for this man.

  17. DOT sometimes purposely makes the lights off sync so as soon as yours turns green the next one turns red. They think this prevents speeding but all it does is get drivers angry so they start to speed to get at least one green light after just missing three or four in a row which means it can take you ten minutes just to go a half mile with little traffic.

  18. Nostrand going north just before Ave U is unbelievably bad. That’s because I have no idea where  to cross Nostrand, and where the cars are going to stop on nostrand . Some stop at the Avenue U intersection, some stop before Neck Road, which is only a few feet before Avenue U at that point.

      I’m not blaming the cars, it’s really bad news there. Plus there’s  that half right from Nostrand, just after the new TD Bank that makes it even more confusing.

  19. Actually most of us, being 100%, are pedestrians and we have to deal with this shit every day. We all walk, whether its to our destination or to our cars or bikes. If a driver isn’t exercising common sense then a collision will occur, just the same as if a pedestrian doesn’t. Jumping to a conclusion of blaming the victim because you see the world through a windshield is the reason why the NYPD doesn’t investigate pedestrian deaths and the DA doesn’t file charges. Make the cops walk the streets or even put them on bikes and you’ll see the number of investigations go up because they’ll be forced to sympathize with the majority of NYers who do not drive. Once charges are filed against reckless drivers who hit pedestrians like that girl on gerritson ave that hit the Chinese delivery guy and you’ll see drivers exercise caution and the accident rate go down.

  20. I have to admit, the driving has gotten really bad, and I blame mostly  the cars speeding, but the pedestrians have indeed gotten worse.

       I notice a new technique that the pedestrians employ. They feel that when they cross, if they put their head totally down and totally don’t look, that means  they’re blameless and can just cross. After all, how can they be blamed if they were just walking and didn’t see, I guess is the logic.

       I began to notice this “technique” when I was  running. If I’m jogging, and people are about to cross my path, they intentionally look the other way, or look down so I’m the one that must swerve. I used to think I was my usual paranoid self. But then I started to look back after passing them. And sure enough, they promptly looked straight ahead right after I went by!

       I don’t particularly care, since I’m running, I guess it’s my obligation to swerve (though a little consideration would be nice in society, but too much to ask for at this point).  But these people are rolling the dice with their LIVES by doing  this when they  cross a street with cars whizzing by!

  21. I have to say there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, Brighton and Ocean Parkway. Those huge concrete blocks holding up the Ocean Pkway train station make it a nightmare to cross OP  there. I’ve seen the results of many many accidents at that intersection through the 46 years i’ve been crossing there.

         I and several others intentionally cross OP between Brighton and Oceanview when traffic isn’t heavy. I have a long, clear view both ways of cars. They can’t hit me making a right behind a pole. I have plenty of time to see the lights at both intersections, or see cars speeding. There’s no parked cars either, the cars can see me too. If one is somewhat mobile, there’s no comparison in safety between the supposed correct way and the illegal way in this particular case.

  22. There are always exceptions.  But if you know that the traffic is heavy or unpredictable in an area, then you find a corner with a light.  It is the safest thing to do, especially for elderly people who may not be able to move quickly.

  23. When the light turns green, it Is common sense not to just assume the car is going to stop. What if he doesnt? That’s why smart pedestrians don’t rely on the signal itself. They first look around and make eye contact with the driver to make sure he is going to stop. I cringe when I see someone waiting for the signal to change and just start walking without even looking around. The could be walking right into the path of a car who doesn’t care about the laws and the lights or even if h hts someone because he is in such a hurry.

    Not saying that is what happened here. just something to keep in mind.

  24. No further info?  Too bad. On the other hand, it leaves us all room to continue to speculate…. and now my theory is that the pedestrian thew themselves in front of the car in order to file an insurance claim (Orkin, good company to sue).
    Seems as likely as anything else that might have happened.

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