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Pastosa Ravioli: A Neighborhood Institution Still Going Strong

Photo by Yelp user AprilNYC P.
Photo by Yelp user AprilNYC P.

During a time when consumers often settle for food that’s inexpensive in lieu of being fresh or even tasty, the demanding shoppers of Bensonhurst can still rely on a store where quality remains the house specialty.

Pastosa’s official website includes a very informative history of the business which, in the interest of time, we’ve summarized for you below:

In 1967, Pastosa founder Anthony G. Ajello found his niche. A salesman for Polly-O, he had just lost a large account because the client, like many ravioli makers, had begun using a lower quality ricotta cheese.

Ajello knew there was still a market for fresh, higher quality products. He launched the first Pastosa Ravioli at East 53rd Street and Avenue N, quickly opening the New Utrecht Avenue location under the elevated tracks of the West End Line in 1972, as business boomed.

Since then, Pastosa has provided savvy shoppers with its own line of products, including everything from fresh meats and cold cuts to cans of tomatoes and olive oil, jars of roasted peppers, olives and of course, just about every variety of pasta under the sun.

Their macaroni salad is good too. Really, really good.

Pastosa Ravioli is located at 7425 New Utrecht Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway. They’re open from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday thru Saturday, 8:30 am to 3 pm Sundays and on holidays from 8:30 am to 2 pm.

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  1. Between Pastosa and Frank and Sal’s I am able to avoid Waldbaums’ consistently higher prices for most food items. Right across the street from Pastosa is Paradise with its always high quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

  2. Such a great store and a real gem in the neighborhood. They have the best macaroni salad and vodka sauce!