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Parks Dept Already Screws Up On Smoking Ban


I thought it would be at least a few weeks before the first screw-ups came to light regarding the new anti-smoking measure, which bans smoking in parks, beaches and other Parks Department property. I thought we’d hear about tickets mistakenly given to old men smoking on a sidewalk next to a park (legal), or on a Parks-controlled bike path next to vehicular traffic, like Ocean Parkway (legal), or to an actor smoking in a theater production in the park (legal).

But I overlooked the little things. Or maybe I just over-estimated Parks Department employees. Because it took literally two days after the bill’s implementation for a reader to spot the above sign, which was probably installed on Monday.

Can you guess what’s wrong with the sign? Can you? Well, nothing, I suppose, except for where it’s placed.

This sign, which reads “No smoking on beach and promenade,” went up at Bill Brown Park, at Avenue Y and Bedford Avenue. That’s right, Bill Brown Park, which has no beaches or promenades. Though there is a sprinkler that I’m not sure is ever actually turned on. And some handball courts. They’re putting down turf, too. But certainly no beaches or promenades.

I’m pretty sure this is a regulation I can comply with. I vow not to smoke – ever – on Bill Brown Park’s beach or promenade.

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  1. I’m proud to say that in my walks on the boardwalk this week, i’ve seen even more smokers lighting up than before the law was passed. Seems like there’s a quiet protest going on here. And I feel like joining it. And I never smoked a full cigarette of tobacco in my life.

  2. Soon every sign will be in 50 languages so as to not exclude anyone. Of course, the cost will prevent anything else from getting done.

  3. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Tobacco Industry pushed for this law, knowing more people will want to light up as a protest, hence only Parks Dept. enforcing it, and not the cops.

  4. you know what from all the campaigns they have done in the past, i wouldn’t be surprised….

  5. LOL.  Good catch!  And before I did my 20 years in the NYPD I worked for the Parks Dept.  My last assignment with them?  Bill Brown Playground!  And I’ll have you know that **I** turned on the sprinkler for the kiddies.  It wasn’t easy either.  You have to go to the basement on steep ladder like steps and I seem to recall needing something for leverage (like a pole) in order to turn the wheel for the water.

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