Parking Meters Turning Into Bike Racks On 5th Avenue


Former Parking Metere, Future Bike Rack on 5th Ave

5th Avenue is about to get a little more bike-friendly! Some former lollipop-style parking meters are joining their 7th Avenue brethren in the transition into bike racks.

Nicholas Mosquera at the DOT confirms that approximately thirty of the single-space parking meter poles are being converted to bike racks on 5th Avenue this week. It’s a continuation of a citywide project that began years ago, and follows similar installations done on 7th and Flatbush Avenues last month. Earlier this year, the DOT announced it was working with a contractor to convert 12,000 old meters into bike racks.

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    example: all along shore road near the belt parkway and bay, they planted aboyt 50 sycamore trees, 20 are dead, the rest look sick. then across the belt parkway the trres are lush green. why?, because they are native to the land.
    Sycamore trees do not grow well near salt water.

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    could there be a disease in the air affecting sycamore trees.

    BTW, i think they are the ugliest trees ever.

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