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Park Slope’s Best Storefront: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.


Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. at 372 5th Avenue has got everything, from stealth footwear (for creeping) to shrinking gas (for emergencies only) to big ticket items like invisible jets. It’s the “one stop for all your foe-battling needs.” Not a superhero? Not to worry. A sign in the window advertises “Sidekick Placement Services” for those wishing to break into the superhero business.

What are they really selling? Well, there are superhero items inside. One can buy a secret identity kit or a bucket of invisibility paint (or courage, for those superheroes suffering a confidence shortage).  The store is fun to explore.  Anyone who makes a purchase has to recite the vow of heroism: “I (your full name), also known as (your superhero name) promise always to use my powers for good. I promise I will use the items I have purchased here today safely and in the name of justice. I promise to remain ever vigilant, ever true.”

Like any true superhero, the store has an alter ego. Behind a trick bookshelf lies 826NYC. Started by Dave Eggers and educator Ninive Calegari, the nonprofit organization aims to inspire kids 6-18 to express themselves creatively through writing. Named for the original San Francisco branch’s address at 826 Valencia Street, 826 organizations can also be found in Boston, Chicago, LA, Seattle, DC and Ann Arbor. Each branch has a different, creative storefront. San Francisco’s writing center is located in a pirate store; Ann Arbor’s storefront sells robot repair supplies.

Whether you are battling supervillans or looking for a place that inspires young adult creativity, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is for you. And if you’d like to help support their efforts, a reminder that the online art auction is still up, and will be running through November 12.

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