Park Slope

Park Slope Kid Detective and the Bird that Flew the Coop


When bird statue was stolen from front lawn of her house on 13th St. near 7th Ave a few weeks ago, Luna Danger (yes, for real) Milligan, age 7, channeled her inner Nancy Drew. As she told the Brooklyn Paper in the wake of the theft, “We found a footprint with squares on it…I think it was size eleven.”

Meanwhile, as Milligan looks for clues, she and her family have taken intermediate action: they’ve made a sign asking “The Birdlar” for the statue’s safe return. Milligan’s mother, Amy Yang, told the paper she thought the statue, valuable mostly for sentimental reasons, was stolen either as a prank or with the intention of being sold for scrap metal.

But Luna Danger Milligan and her family aren’t giving up. “He looked so cool sitting there,” she said. “It’s kind of a mystery.”

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