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Park Slope Christmas Tree Roundup


That sweet and woody scent fills the air as Christmas tree sites pop up around the neighborhood. Can you tell the difference between a Fraser and a Balsam, or a Noble and a Douglas? Find out at any of these Park Slope spots:

8th Avenue & 8th Street
Tom Foley returns to this site for another year of Brooklyn public school fundraising. He sells his Fraser firs Saturdays and Sundays only, priced at $10/ft with trees ranging from 2-10ft. Ten dollars from each tree sold goes to one of 14 schools in the Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, and Kensington areas; just drop the name of the school you’d like to support, and that’s where your money will go. PS 321 specifically is calling out to its members, stating that if 120 more trees are bought from their school, “an additional 50% donation” will go back to it.

The firs are delivered weekly from Sherbrooke, Quebec. Tom offers free delivery and in-home setup.

5th Avenue & Sterling Place (Key Food)
This site is selling Fraser and Douglas firs at $10-12 per foot, with some flexibility depending on fullness. The trees are delivered from Pennsylvania.

Flatbush Avenue & Sterling Place
This lot, called “The Tree Garden Paradise,” receives daily deliveries from North Carolina and sells their trees 24 hours a day. Douglas firs just came in this weekend, joining a stock of Frasers. The 3-footers go for $30-35 and then increase from there according to size and shape. 6-foot trees start no lower than $50, and range up to $95 for the 11-footers, with flexibility for fullness. The inventory at my visit were remarkably plump. An unexpected perk: the non-Christmas music playing while you browse.

Flatbush Avenue & Park Place
Nice and simple: The trees range from 5-8ft. Frasers sell between $40 and $60; Nobles, between $50 and $80.

Union Street between 7th & 6th Avenues (next to co-op); 7th Avenue & 7th Street (All Saints Church)
Both of these sites are run by Adam Parke, who brings organic, pesticide-free trees up from his own Wind Swept Farm in Barton, Vermont to seven Brooklyn locations. The trees (Fraser, Balsam, and hybrids) range from 2-10ft and sell at $10 per foot up to 7 feet, at which point it’s $15 for each additional foot. Parke is also selling organic maple syrup and handmade wreaths with wildcrafted berries and mosses.

9th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues
Nicolas Dubois has been selling Christmas trees at this site since 2000. This year he’s selling Fraser, Balsam, and Douglas Firs, ranging from $40 for the 2-footers to a whopping $250 for 15-footers.

Garfield Place & 7th Avenue (Garfield Farm Market)
The market is selling solely Fraser firs, ranging from $35-55 for 4-5ft and $65-85 for 6-8ft. You can also find racks of wreaths, garland, potted and bowed Alberta spruces, and poinsettias.

7th Avenue & Carroll Street (Key Food)
The 3-4ft Noble firs are priced at $40 and include a stand. The bigger Nobles, 5-6ft, are set at a pretty firm $80. The Frasers come at two prices: $50 for 5-6ft and $60 for 6-7ft.

7th Avenue & Carroll Street (Old First Reformed Church)
The 44th annual Old First Nursery School sale is running on weekends only, open Fridays 5-9pm, Saturdays 10am-7pm, and Sundays 10:30am-6:30pm. All sales benefit the parent-run co-op nursery school. Fraser firs range from 4-10ft and sell for $50-145, Douglas firs range from 4-8ft and sell for $40-80, and Balsam firs range from 4-12ft and sell for $35-135. All potted trees are set at $30, and unpotted Frasers under 4ft are priced at $25.

The site also sells Balsam ($12-15), Fraser ($17), Boxwood ($20), and decorated Noble ($27) wreaths, as well as garlands and tree stands. Credit cards accepted.

7th Avenue between 2nd & 3rd Streets (Tarzian Hardware)
Tarzian hardware is selling Fraser firs at three prices: $35 for 4-5ft, $45 for 5-6ft, and $55 for 6-8ft. They also sell poinsettias, garlands, and wreaths.

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket
Trumansburg Tree Farms from Tompkins County, New York is selling local, fresh-cut trees at the GAP Greenmarket (Saturdays from 8am-4pm) now until December 22nd.

Happy hunting!

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