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Park Slope Chamber of Commerce Proposes Seventh Avenue BID


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Seventh Avenue business owners, along with the Park Slope Chamber of Commerce, are working to establish a business improvement district (BID) along Park Slope’s 7th Avenue. If successful, the BID would spanĀ 7th Avenue from St. John’s Place to 16th Street, including contiguous side street commercial properties.

The Steering Committee behind the project spent last year surveying Park Slope residents as well as 7th Avenue merchants and landlords to find out what needs to be done to boost the area. According to the group’s mission statement, the BID would “improve the cleanliness of our streets and sidewalks, beautify and green the area, produce promotional events and materials, and provide additional security through storefront cameras and volunteer patrols.”

Fifth Avenue and North Flatbush established BIDs in 2009 and 1986, respectively, and have done similar work for the community. Fifth Avenue BID has been especially present in holiday events and promotions (for example, today marks the end of the Valentine’s Spending Spree raffle).

To find out more about the proposal and what needs to be done to make it a reality, stop by one of the two upcoming public meetings:

Tuesday, February 28
9:30-10:30 a.m.
Greenwood Baptist Church, 461 Sixth Street

Tuesday, March 5
7-8:30 p.m.
Greenwood Baptist Church, 461 Sixth Street

What are some changes or improvements you’d like to see along Seventh Avenue?

Photo via 7th Avenue BID

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  1. NO MORE CHAIN STORES!! OMG 7th Ave is turning into an urban strip mall, it’s awful!! What was so charming about living here, small businesses, a village feel to it, it’s fast being whittled away. Just in the past few months, yogurt land, david’s tea, subway, and last year dunkin donuts, cheeburger, petco, and so many more stores that best belong in a shopping mall somewhere else! Chamber of Commerce, please make this a priority!

  2. Actually I completely disagree with JP. While a few chains have popped up on 7th Avenue (Pinkberry, Subway, Yogurtland, Dunkin Donuts) an amazing variety of independent stores have opened recently from Norman & Jules to Casa Ventura to Cafe Dada, Painted Pot, Valley Shepherd Creamery, Noella, Talde, Faros, Bahnmigos, the new Leaf n Bean, Zito’s and Bareburger (okay that’s a chain but a small NYC based one). A BID can not control what landlords charge for rent (in fact the BID INCREASES costs to landlords) so the likelihood of fewer chains is well, unlikely. With 12K a month asking rents on spaces along 7th Avenue, fewer chains are able to afford this and a BID will do nothing about that. The worst problem with 7th Avenue is the trash, insane amounts of trash. Trash on the street, trash on the sidewalk, trash overflowing from all those tiny trash cans (why can we not have larger trash cans that are closed and don’t smell?). 7th also is in desperate need of some trees, plants and benches. BTW, David’s Tea is incredible. Not all chain stores are bad, just like not all independent stores are good. In fact, so many of 7th’s independents have terrible hours, terrible customer service and stores which haven’t been updated in 20 years. I would say if the BID could reinvigorate the street with a cleaner more beautiful shopping experience along with extended store hours for those who work long hours (very common in park slope) that would be a great goal which will hopefully attract more businesses and more shoppers.

  3. Everyone needs to stop the nonsense about chain stores. yes, there are a couple, but by NO means does 7th Avenue look like a suburban strip mall!

    The individually owned stores FAR outnumber the chain stores. And, i you don’t want the chain stores, don’t shop in them. I assume you don’t go to B&N, rite Aid, Dunkin Donuts, PinkBerry, PetCo, etc? Oh, and David’s Tea has one other store in the city, not exactly what I call a chain.

  4. Jp (who I guess is the incessant whiner from Naidres, one of the more terrible independent places I mention below) likes to say constantly on every blog that 7th is all chain stores and it’s simply false. Take a walk sometime, it’s about 10% chains and 90% independent stores. Some chains are GREAT!

  5. actually, no I don’t go to any of those stores. I shop at Ansonia not Rite Aid, local cafes not dunkin donuts, the local pet shop, not PETCO, Community Bookstore not B&N. The wonderful thing about park slope is that it’s a village within a city. I didn’t say it is an urban strip mall, but at the current rate of expansion of chain stores, especially within the past 2 years, it will be soon enough. If you live here, you should care about this.

  6. And you must be the anonymous person who thinks litter is the only problem with commerce on 7th Ave, and that determines whether or not older and newer small shops make it… and not greedy landlords, who don’t live here, who see chains opening up and then hold out for higher rents?

    Check out this list of small shops that closed in 2011, I’ve found nothing about 2012 yet.. .

    That’s not to say some other great new small shops didn’t replace them, I love places like Talde, Valley Shepherd, etc, but too many chain stores also moved in. I live here, I work here, I see no reason to defend chain stores in our quaint neighborhood. I don’t see why you’d attack me for being against that trend.

    I of course never said 7th Ave is all chain stores, I said they are rapidly increasing. In my opinion, every time a small shop goes down, they take part of the neighborhood with them. Whether or not you like any shop, maybe you want to be a bit sensitive to the fact that people own these places and it’s often everything they’ve got in the world. I know a lot of the small shop owners. I don’t know the owner of B&N.

    Agree or disagree,there’s no reason at all to be nasty.

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