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Park Slope Activists Calling For Prospect Park Surveillance Cameras


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Two stories cropped up in the news last night discussing the call for surveillance cameras in Prospect Park. According to the New York Post, Park Slope residents and activists are calling on elected officials to install security devices in an effort toward crime prevention.

The New York Daily News cites the activists’ proposal in this year’s participatory budgeting campaign, which asked for $250,000 to buy four cameras for the NYPD to install throughout the park. The proposal failed to garner sufficient support, losing to projects supporting public schools and pedestrian safety. Activists who spoke with the Daily News were disappointed in their neighborhood’s response:

Park enthusiast Brenda Becker chided her Brownstone Brooklyn neighbors for worrying about First World problems over basic safety.

“If we ever have a high-profile crime in Prospect Park, everyone will be crying for cameras,” said Becker who has the blog, “Prospect: A Year in the Park.”

“It’s complacency. It’s been a while since a yuppie was murdered there.”

Prospect Park robberies more than doubled between 2011 and 2012, hitting a total of 17 incidents last year. The number is slightly more than that of Central Park, which saw 13 robberies in the same span– and, incidentally, which has at least 31 surveillance cameras. Still, the efficacy of the security cameras has itself been questioned. A 2009 statistical study out of NYU, which looked at crime rates in two New York City neighborhoods over five years, found little evidence to suggest that the presence of cameras deterred crime.

What do you guys think? Do you worry about safety in the park, and would you feel better protected with cameras?

Photo via zigazou76

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