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Oysters Reproduce In Jamaica Bay!

Oysters! Source: ecowatchers1 / Flickr

According to Jamaica Bay Eco Watchers, oysters are successfully reproducing in Jamaica Bay for the first (documented) time ever.

According to the vigilant Eco Watcher team, the oysters are:

…growing in Shad Creek about one half mile from the location of an oyster cage test location. It appears that the oyster spat, from those oyster[s] stored in the cages, has settled at the end of the creek on various types of substrate, including stone, brick wood and even fiberglass, and grown for a period of time that appears to be at least two years in some cases.

The discovery of the oysters, made by Richie Lair, is big news for the Eco Watchers. In addition to being the first documented case of oysters growing in the bay, the significance of the success stems from the high survival rate of the relatively small sample size.

Photos of the oysters can be found here.

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  1. TY Willie, you have been doing some great coverage of our shore. My last visit to Jamaica Refuge all I saw were mussels on a eroding beach.

  2. But don’t forget today’s official warning: The public is reminded that all New York City waters are closed to shellfishing (harvest of clams, mussels, oysters or scallops).

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