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Our Brand New Train Platforms… Vandalized


Neck Road subway platform, photo taken this morning by BrooklynQ.

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  1. they are, thats why you see the graffiti being smudged. the panels are vandalism-proof, the green parts between them i think need repainting. this isnt the first time. but i was there at 8:30am and didnt notice anything.

  2. This is a disgrace are these people or hoodlems are they that bord??? If they get cought they should serve 20yrs they will never do it again. If the laws are more strick they might think about doing these things. Our tax dollers pay for all this crap they deface anything they can find. Were are the camers??? Mabe they are disconnected?? This really pisses me off.

  3. About two months ago, I noticed every new station from H down to Neck Road was hit. WHat is even more disturbing is the new side facing bricks above the station ceiling @ Neck Road & Avenue U were hit back in December. I am not sure if it was removed yet since I have not ridden on the Brighton Line recently.
    There are white vandal marks on the beige panels of the SB platform of Neck road which has been there for a while I believe it has to be acid vandalism or it would have been chemically cleaned already. I have also seen spray painted vandalism on the new station platforms of Aveneu U and Neck Road. I bet if I were to check out the new mezzanines I would see scratched or acid vandalized glass. The MTA just choses to only clean up areas that they want to. Every inch of track wall along the entire length of the Brighton Line and all lines for that matter has been covered with vandalism for years. Once the MTA decides to maintain the entire system vandal-free, then you will not see vandalism anymore. WHat is sad is the stations along the L line in Brownsville (Sutter Avenue, Livonia Avenue, New Lotts Avenue) have the same beige panels and are spotless. There is no trace of vandalism even on the green pillars. THese stations were rebuilt a few years back! Maybe the Brighton line serves so many schools that it is a popular line to vandalize. Hopefully the MTA will clean this all up and maintain it. THey can when they want to.

  4. I also occaisionally ride the #4 to Montifiore Hospital in The Bronx. THey have the same rebuilt stations and that line is also spotless. Check it out.

  5. Except to ACID, check out the white marsk A the south bound platform of Neck Road, also there are the new beige sections on the southbound side of Avenue U that have been PAINTED Over with beige paint??? I have no ide why? My only though is those new panels were hit with ACID vandalism also.

  6. yes, one of the two most annoying groups of subway riders along with senior citizens. students are loud, obnoxious and have no respect for others while seniors are slow, short tempered, and take up so much space. Many transit workers actually supported eliminated student and senior citizen cards last year

  7. This has been going on for months–I see it when I take the train home late at night, and it is ridiculous–guess who pays for the repainting?

  8. What a damned shame. Maybe they should have installed cameras – for security and vandalism…………………

  9. I just want to make sure the rights of these vandalists are carefully protected, that is the most important thing. We can easily step on the population at large, but it is crucial that before we do anything, we ensure that the graffitti-ists civil rights are fully guarded.

  10. That’s the problem.We have lived with quality of life issues being ignored for way too long. Ignore vandalism on the public platform and it finds it’s way to your home.
    Do you want to live with graffiti on your front door?
    The more shit we “just live with” only breeds more of the same.

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