Organic Waste Recycling Pilot Program To Expand Into Park Slope

Organics Recycling Bins

Ready to sort your orange peels and coffee grinds along with your paper and plastic? According to Community Board 6, the Department of Sanitation’s pilot household organic waste collection will be expanding into parts of our area this spring.

In areas where it’s been rolled out already, the program so far has allowed residents in single family homes to place food scraps, food soiled paper, and small amounts of yard waste in special bins provided by the city. The organic waste is collected on the same day as other recyclables, composted, and used to fertilize local gardens, parks, and street trees.

You may have seen those brown bins around recently, as our neighbors in Windsor Terrace and parts of South Slope and Greenwood Heights were the first parts of Brooklyn to get the program this past fall.

A map of the area that will be part of the pilot hasn’t been released yet, but DNAinfo, who was the first to report about the news, notes that Park Slope and parts of Gowanus and Sunset Park will be included.

You can hear more about the plans directly from Sanitation representatives when they present info on the pilot program ad the CB6 Environmental Protection Committee meeting on Monday, January 27 at 6:30pm at the 78th Police Precinct, 65 6th Avenue, in the 4th floor court room.

If anyone in the current pilot area has been doing it, we’d love to hear how it’s been going — have you found it easy to get into the habit of setting aside compostable items, have you had any problems with the bins, any issues with rodents or smells, etc.?

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  1. I live right on the edge of Windsor Terrace and have been participating in the compost pilot from the very first pickup and I love it. They give each apartment a little inside, contertop bin that, when closed, is very good at keeping odors from the air.

    The only problem is with our landlords. They just. don’t. get. it. I don’t think composting is something they have ever heard of, and for a few weeks (we found out later), they were dumping the compost in the brown outside bin into the garbage! Now we have to make sure that the brown bin goes out with the recycling or it won’t be picked up.

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