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Organic Forever Closes Down, Proves Forever Isn’t So Long Afterall


Organic Forever at 938 Kings Highway has closed after a short stint in the neighborhood.

One local said that organic foods pricing is just too high for the area because local grocers offer steep competition.

Readers, do you prefer organic or a bargain when you shop for your grocery items?

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  1. Good question;  I’ll venture an answer.

    Organic products are priced too high almost all the time.  And then,  does it makes sense to purchase some organic products when most of the foods you ingest are not organic?  I figure not.  So, I’ll have more money in the bank and take the risk and not bother with the very high costs.

  2. I am very disappointed this store closed. For years, I had to drive 20 minutes or more to get to a natural foods store to get the products I enjoy. This place on Kings Highway was in walking distance from my house and had my staples, including fresh juices and specialty foods.

    The closing of this store is not about “organic vs. non-organic”, nor it is “the wrong location.” Many people enjoy the offerings of such stores, even though it may not seem like it based on the general demographics. This store closed because of poor advertising. I only knew it existed because I walked by it often. No one knew about it unless they walked by. If they did enough marketing, that place would have been in business today, maybe even attracting people from neighborhoods that are 20 minutes or more away.

  3. I hate shopping. i grab the first thing off the shelf. Usually it’s not organic, but if it is, so be it. Sorry to see such a store close, though, people (including myself) should look to eat in a more healthy manner.

  4. I try to eat organice whenever I can.  It’s just that much less pesticides that I’m ingesting into my body.

  5. I have comparison shopped on numerous occasions.  Organic is always higher than non.  I don’t even bother anymore.  I just wash my N/O fruits and vegetables really well before I use them.  Pesticides cannot be too bad for you though.  I have been eating N/O fruits and vegs for years and I’m still alive and have no health issues.  I have family members who (yuck) don’t even wash their produce before eating.  They are still alive. 

  6.  you think this store would’ve closed this quickly in a neighborhood like.. williamsburg? or park slope? or east village? advertisements or no advertisements?

    “If they did enough marketing, that place would have been in business
    today, maybe even attracting people from neighborhoods that are 20
    minutes or more away.”

    maybe, but it wouldn’t be sustainable. is it good if a chunk of your customers are 20 mins away?

  7.  no one dies right away from eating non-organic food. these things show in cases like when someone dies when they’re in their late 60s-mid 70s, as opposed to their 80s or so on

  8. This place closed down years ago. I’ve been going to Flabush Coop amazing organic products but pricey and far, 14 th and Cortelyou.

  9. Look at forces of nature overpriced, even higher than whole foods prices, still staying strong.

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