Western Brooklyn

Opening? Fong & Zhou Supermarket


Either Fong & Zhou Supermarket at 8514 18th Avenue is a brand new supermarket or they’re renovating, or it could even be under new management. I noticed it walking to the 18th Avenue stop of the D train. The inside of the place was being remodeled as well.

It was hard enough getting a decent picture that cold night, let alone a straight answer from the guy on the ladder (see above), who promised me the store was new.

A passerby debunked his claim by, saying they’d been it had been for a little while. When I asked her if she lived around the area, she suddenly walked away.

I don’t know about you, but for me this place is all types of confusing. If you know, let me know folks, is it new, old, remodeled or what?

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  1. This location used to be a Italian furniture store and it turns into a Asian Supermarket recently. I believed they start opening after the Sandy. However, the name of the supermarket sounds familiar, I am not sure if they have a branch store somewhere or whether they relocated from another location.

  2. Laura, how did you get this job? I have read several articles by you and your grammar is atrocious. Please have someone proofread your articles before you post. Thank you.

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  4. I’m sorry I am not quite following your train of thought. What I was concerned about was a so called journalist cremating the English language. If she wants to report the news accurately, she needs to first learn how to communicate what she wants to say in an understandable manner. Her grammar is atrocious. Other articles are incomplete, lacking proper citations. I do teach my children well. I wish someone would have taught this journalist as well.

  5. Seriously “EndofDaze”, that was about the most absurd comment I have ever seen here.
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