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Open Thread: New Year’s Resolutions? We’ll Just Screw ‘Em Up Anyway

We’re seven days into 2013.

I’ve already had drinks on more than one weeknight.

I’ve procrastinated work that needs to be done.

I’ve made several people feel bad, and one cried.

I’ve spent money on things I shouldn’t have.

I did not wash my dishes immediately after using them.

If I made New Year’s resolutions, I would’ve broken them all by now.

We’re seven days into 2013. What New Year’s resolutions have you bungled?

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  1. Here’s my New Years resolution. to HELP END THE TREND OF OBESITY in Sheepshead Bay!!! I’m using myself as a test subject to find Local Health Foods around the area i can use to lose weight naturally with. By eating properly and timely along side using workout Dvd’s in the privacy of my own home. Once i succeed (and i know i will) i will begin pushing my knowledge on to other people like myself who want to become healthy for their Families and themselves.

    I’m Currently at 270lb i Started at 325lb which is what i weighed in March of last year. (Keep in mind, i’m not using any Chemicals additives to boost my metabolism in anyway) All Natural diet. And i’ll tell you what. It Works 100%

    I’m not going back to the way i was, i’m tired of being tired all the time, having sleepless nights, having constant headaches, joint pain, not being able to regularly use the bathroom, and dehydration. That is NOT how we are supposed to live. Also once i lose this weight i’ve made a goal to get my Certification for Personal Training.

    🙂 Goodluck Folks!

  2. The real culprit in weight gain and inflammation is sugar and simple foods but the media and doctors don’t talk about this enough. Eating “real food” and staying as active as possible is so important to staying healthy.

  3. I have a similar resolution. I’m not heavy, but I eat lousy, and it causes all the problems you mention. I’m good on exercise, terrible on dieting. So far in 8 days, I had only 2 small pieces of Godiva candy. Oh, one meal at Wendy’s. But I’ve been doing well the rest of the way, and that’s a monstrous improvement for me.

    Please, people. Just because someone is not heavy, doesn’t mean he wants to eat the donuts and junk food that YOU want to get rid of. Stop trying to use me as a human garbage disposal just because “he can eat it”. That’s not nice. Let’s be clear about this: I’m not blaming you for the junk I eat, it’s my responsibility. But you ain’t a-helping me. It’s not a question of weight, it’s a question of health.

  4. I am so happy that the B4 is running down the old route. For personal reasons, that is a miracle-come-true for me. I’m so happy I could kiss Al Rosen. Nah, I’ll kiss a train instead maybe be a “foamer”. I might have rabies because Sunday I had to try to handle a monster 20 pound vicious cat that scratched me, so don’t rabies give the mouth foam, I think so, so I’m a foamer of a different sort.

    Which reminds me of the times (more than 1) that instead of rabies, I spelled it “rabbi”. I forget the sentences I did that in, but you can imagine how the sentence came out, like, “the dog bit me and I got rabbis” (yeah, 10 of them came by and prayed for me).

    Speaking of football, come on. Alabama is winning the big game 42-14 with 7 minutes left, and the quarterback yells at the center right in the middle of the field? That center is killing himself all game protecting the QB, doesn’t deserve embarrassment on national television…. Ends up the center pushed the QB in retaliation, I woulda instead have slugged him right den and dere. Freaking prima donna Alabama QB, guys like that get theirs in life somewhere along the line.

  5. if you or anyone needs help figuring out a nutrition plan feel free to drop me an email. At deathlock1984@yahoo,com i would be happy to help 🙂

    Goodluck! 😀

  6. it’s true, if you want to get technical. 70% of your Nutrition and 30% of your Activity is what actually helps us lose the weight. or gain it. Restricting yourself by putting yourself on a Diet is Wrong, and Should NOT be allowed because that restricts a lot of important vitamins and minerals from accessing our delicate bodies. Diets are temporary. Lifestyle changes are forever. 🙂

  7. I’ve found that the main main culprit for me, even above cake, cookies, McDonalds, is one item: sugar soda, I don’t know why, 1 sugar soda can put 2 pounds on me instantly. Maybe Bloomberg is onto something, despite me blasting him about the 32oz law.

    The way I start eating healthy is first cut the sugar soda (pretty easy). Then the candy (very difficult). Then fried food (difficult).

    What helps me is my love of Japanese food. Everyone laughs at the 20 or so Sushi places we have within 3 square blocks of each other, but it’s actually helpful to me!

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