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Open Thread: My Favorite Part Of Super Bowl 2012’s Half Time Show


Among the many awkward moments of Madonna’s half-time show performance, there was one that stood out above all others for its astounding silliness and uncomfortable placement: the ‘fro-sporting Will Ferrell look-a-like acrobat who was the subject of many up-toga (yes, toga) camera shots. You know… this guy:

I have nothing else to say, really. This guy and his goofy grin and tight-rope hooliganism made my week.

Open thread begins now…

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  1. Tight game, good time.
    Still waiting to go to Jets SB parade.

    Also I demand statue of Vince Lombardi on corner of East 14 St and Z or as close to is as possible.

  2. Still can’t believe NFL goes for classic rockers for its halftime Super Bowl show. I mean, that was MY music growing up, but do under 40 viewers really want to see Madonna, Springsteen, the Stones, the Who, Tom Petty, et al?
    Well, at least they’re better than Justin Bieber!

  3. The kids know who these people are. In my day the halftime show would be Perry Como. That really excited the young people? Oh, those sweaters. Or was that Andy Williams?

    Believe me, the kids are getting much better than my  generation (the generation who grew up on the Who and the Stones) got.

  4. u know whats my least favorite part?   that there will be multiple road closures and train service changes’s due to the parade honoring the giants (or so says the nyc notification email).

  5. i’m all for throwing a parade to the veterans, but not for sports teams. 
    Aside from Pat Tillman, i cannot think of any football player that i would ever want to throw a parade for…  i dont care how amazing whats-his-face-manning was on the field. he’s screwing up my ability to make a couple of bucks (while he’s got millions, mind u)

  6. There WILL be a parade for the returning soldiers when ALL of them are back home. When will that be? – when we use up all the oil that’s under their sand!

  7. Seriously, you don’t know who LMFAO is? They’re hilarious! They’re the modern day Wierd Al Yankovic of whatever you call that music these days…

  8. While Americans where engorging their self-propelled stomachs on pork rinds and Budweiser from Walmart, the elites where enjoying a round of laughs. DHS on the street, open announcements of militarization and marshal law, NDAA, and government announces they will “disappear” citizens = No reaction

    Some people throw around a football, and Madonna dresses up like Baphomet = country is hysterical.

    Analysis of what you didn’t see:

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