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Open Thread Mondays: Mouth Off!


I’ve always felt that these “open threads” were never really truly open. Oh I know that you’re all free to talk about any topics, but Ned always seems to write the threads to spark discussion on a thing that interests him. And then you loyal minions usually follow suit by commenting only on the suggested subject.

So today, I want to spin it a little differently. Today I want to open this thread up to your gripes. What’s pissing you off? It can be anything, just no personal attacks.

My gripe this week – I’m tired of people dumping on my property. From the one-shot liquor bottles tossed on my lawn, to a computer monitor that was dumped in my bush, to the television that was left in my driveway; I’ve seen it all. And to the ape that keeps tossing banana peels over the fence, one day, you’ll get yours!

So, what’s your gripe this week? Mouth off!

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  1. This new Disqus…..

    Is pissing me off! Perhaps since we have gotten used to the classic layout.  This modern crap takes to long to post. and doesn’t clearly show likes!

  2. I somehow ended up with 3 finals in single day this semester. Calculus II in the morning. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science midday and then Electrical Engineering at night. I feel like bashing my head in the wall.

  3. I took the guider ave on ramp today and it actually took longer going that route because of the light synchronization. I will continue to make that illegal u turn.
    Whats with the cop sitting in front of the VW service building almost every morning on Neptune and east 12th? He sits there waiting for someone to do something stupid (no room to speed there) meanwhile that intersection is a mess in the mornings. He could easily get out of his car and help traffic move along or would that be to much work.

  4. This should be fixed. I didn’t like it either. I also made it so threaded comments no longer indent past the third reply, as Lisanne and others had suggested. Enjoy!

  5. The Postal Service is closing service centers and hiking rates which will greatly increase delivery time. My gripe is why don’t they drastically hike the cost of bulk mail which is something like 12 cents apiece. No one wants 90% of that mail and some use distribution lists that are over ten years old. Why do these charities, credit card companies, etc get special treatment? Because of powerful lobbies i presume. Why do i need to get a solicitation from Food for the Poor every 3 weeks. I’ve got 18 so far this year from this single organization. How much of ne money they raise goes just o ask for more money?

    The Postal Service was supposed to turn a profit. Since it failed, maybe it should become a department again.

  6. The BIGGEST mistake was electing King Bloomdoom the first time!  His money bought the illegal third term!

  7. I have been bedridden since Thursday night with a fever that spiked at 103. I’ve been fiending for pizza for a few days and your icon does not make it easier.


  8. yea like all those asshates who keep complaining about no Untethered Jailbreak, but don’t do anything to help the cause

  9. NO SH*T about that intersection right? That was going to be my open thread gripe. That pedestrian signal at the bottom of the bridge flashes walk for exactly 3 seconds during which I am running for my life, toddler in arms. In addition people run that red on the regular, making it even more death defying. You know that crazy lady yelling and shaking her fist at motorists every morning? It’s me. I’ve gone the 311 route, still waiting. Anyone know if this has come up at CB meetings? Is that where I need to take it up?

  10. If their is a thing that can unite and represent infinitely diverse Brooklyn it’s love of pizza. That is one of the reasons why I used that pic for avatar. Someday pizza will be on seal of New York City 🙂

    (718) 769-7766 Del Mar’s.
    Feel better soon.

  11. Where are you studying engineering? My son and I went to an open house at Poly on Sunday. Those guys are hardcore techies.

  12. My Monday rant is about supermarkets.   Hey nimrods, if you can’t read the self-checkout machine, then don’t use it.   If you don’t know how to scan the bar code, then don’t use self-checkout.   If you can’t figure out how to slide your debit/credit card, then don’t pay with that option.   If you have more than 12 items, then don’t stand in the 12 item lines.   If you have problems figuring out who is last in line, then ask.  If you want to look at items on the shelf, then stand on the side you are looking at.   Learn to walk on one side of the aisle if someone approaches.   Also, if you are stopping to look at something, then move from the center of the aisle.  Walking side-by-side with your cart will not make it easier to shop.  Get your shopper’s card ready while standing in-line while waiting for the cashier. 

  13. I’m pissed off about the fact that  incandescent light bulbs will begin to be phased out next year starting with the 100 watt bulb. CFLs contain mercury and people are expected to dispose of them properly so they don’t end up in landfills. Really? GE closed it’s last plant and guess where all the CFLs will be made? All those American manufacturing jobs now reside in China.

  14. Keep your wagon out of my but on line, park your cars in between the yellow guide lines, do not hog the area waiting for a sale items and do not use a store shopping cart for 2 0r 3 items. TY Al, from your mouth….

  15. I was looking for a parking space today between E 15 st–CIA/ from Ave O to KH. 
    HOW did all these residents get curb cutaways? IF they are legal, I would like to know how it was permitted in such a commercial and multi-apartment area.

  16. Robert if you saw the past poop-posts I recently brought up you know my feelings. I have for over a year now been filming and photographing the  reoccurring filth in this area.
    If I could easily bring up all my posts concerning shit and litter it would be enough to write a book.  And to Whwsailboat……I did , I do and sometimes it just gets nowhere.
    Even a warrior needs support.

  17. Elected officials who hear complaints from people that need their assistance and do squat. That’s the bone breaker.

  18. Since it’s still Monday…. My gripe is dog shit. And everyone with a tiny, cute, wee, little doggie. Who shits all over the place.  Without picking it up. 

    And, since I’ve started this one – people who talk on their cell phone LOUDLY. You are just about the most annoying people on the planet.  Walking in the street, talking loudly, on the train yelling, etc….  Are you really so afraid of being alone for even a moment that you need to constantly chat about nothing to anyone?  STFU.

    Lastly, those of you who think that just checking your phone in the movies is okay.
    It’s not. It’s annoying as all get out that I can see the light of your phone.
    Your not a doctor on call, then turn it off. And stfu.

    I’ve got more, but I think they’ll wait until next Monday.

    Thanks Ned, I do feel a little better. 

  19. Actually….  The fact that i can’t reply to the third of forth person is kinda Sad 🙁

    but i guess it’s a Conversation stopper.

  20. I can imagine how angry the writer must get from the above situations. Robert, I do feel your pain.  If I were to  have “a computer monitor … dumped in my bush”,  I’d be doing a lot more than writing to Open Thread Mondays!

  21. Can we out people that don’t pick up after their dogs? I’d like to at least embarrass them. People on cells phones isn’t that bad for me. But you do make a good point about turning them on in dark rooms. I’m not going to be doing that again. 

  22. If more people actually read these threads, PERHAPS there would have to be fewer of them!   

    For example…….With Ocean Avenue traffic as bad as it is,  WAY TOO MANY drivers will either double park blocking the entire right lane….even when there is space to pull in and get out of the flow of traffic.   

    The time required to drive from Emmons Avenue to Kings Highway would easily be cut in half, if drivers would just be a little more considerate.

    This is just one example.   There are many…………..

  23. What is more amazing is how he got elected.   If you ask anyone, they will tell you that they did NOT vote for him!

    ….So, who did?

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