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Open Thread Mondays: Last Chance For T-Shirts!


Aw, look at that. It’s beautiful. It’s splendid. It’s amazing. It’s a t-shirt.

And it’s your last chance to get one for a while.

We’re sending out invoices today to all those who said they wanted a t-shirt, and plan to put the order in tomorrow morning. After that, we have no plans to reprint these for general sales for quite a while, so this could be your last chance to get one.

T-shirts cost $16.95 + $3 S&H, and we’re sending a PayPal invoice to allow people to pay by credit card. Don’t want to shell out the extra cash for shipping? After I receive the shirts, we can arrange to meet at any one of the numerous civic meetings we cover. Civic  meetings are always on weekday evenings, so keep that in mind. And if the price of the shirt is really what’s holding you back, send me a private e-mail and we may be able to work something out.

So, if you want to rock this gem of Sheepshead Bites apparel and help support independent news, send an e-mail to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com with “T-SHIRT” in the subject line and your size in the body of the e-mail.

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  1. All thats left is a thread to have Biters post pictures in their sexy new shirts. Points for creativity. Double points for females.

  2. Yeah, you know… like after fishing on one of the bay’s beautiful fleat. Right? Its all about the community.

  3. Yeah, you know… like after fishing on one of the bay’s beautiful fleat. Right? Its all about the community.

  4. I was walking down Ocean Ave yesterday and a woman in a power chair was on the road going towards the direction of incoming traffic.

  5. Had he followed instructions or contacted me privately, he could’ve had a chance of working something out. But he didn’t even have the decency to use a real e-mail address.

  6. Anyone know whats up with the helicopters flying over MB and BB all day long for the last week or so? There is one doing fly overs right now.

  7. There was on over Gravesend for 2 days and one I could see over Brighton. From what I saw with my camera it was a private helicopter.
    Either land survey (I was told) or air quality. I go with air quality because of the amount of time spent.

  8. I did see a couple different ones but over the weekend it was a military style heli that was going back and forth.

  9. Military helicopter flying over right now going back and forth. I know they announced training exercises in the city today but this ones been around since last week.

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