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Open Thread Mondays: Get ‘Er Done!


I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m busy getting it done. In the meantime, here’s your weekly open thread to cheer, jeer, moan, groan, question, answer, whine, cry, complain, praise, compliment, bitch, yell, and otherwise express yourself about whatever the heck you want.

Back to work for me…

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  1. how come you didnt mention that crackhead mother who left her 5yr old and 3yr old on shore parkway. Please post the article and give me credit.

    Thank you in advance Ned

  2. Listen kid, i know you want to seem cool and all.

    But your not.  So quit trollin me and the Sbites Team. 

  3. Grandma dont make me take away your pills and put you in an old persons home. One day its gonna be people like me who are changing your diapers when you are stuck in a nursing home


    A Brooklyn, NY woman who has been rescuing stray cats for much of her life is in Housing Court and facing eviction along with her 43 rescued cats. If she is evicted, her cats will be taken to the City’s Animal Care & Control facility, where many otherwise adoptable cats may be needlessly euthanized. The Court is also bringing in Adult Protective Services to assess the situation, as it often does in alleged “animal hoarding” cases, and APS could request that AC&C take the cats even before they can be placed in no-kill shelters or adoptive homes.She is hoping to keep several of the cats that are too old or feral to be adoptable, and a few that are her personal pets, but the landlord is insisting that, because of her lease’s “no pet” clause, and despite her claim that he knew of at least some of her cats for more than a year, she can’t have any. A lawyer appointed by the court to oversee her compliance says that, under New York’s Pet Law, and even with the Federal entitlement to a companion animal for a person with a disability, she may, if she’s lucky, be allowed to keep only one cat.Many of these cats are young, some still kittens, and very adoptable. Some have been spayed or neutered, and a few have had shots, but there are others that still need these procedures. Some are older, some feral or skittish, and a few have health problems or disabilities, and these would most certainly be euthanized if sent to AC&C.Most will need to be medically evaluated before they can be placed, and this is beyond her capability due to her low income, lack of personal transportation, and the pressures of time. She has just two more weeks to place the cats before her next court appearance, although APS or another unwelcome intervention could come at any time, possibly within the next few days, and, if she still has “too many” cats, they could take even the ones she wants to keep before that issue can be argued in court. In short, time is of the essence.If each animal rescuer, shelter, foster home, or other sanctuary reading this post can take just one or two cats, these defenseless animals can be saved from what is now an uncertain, and probably dire, fate. If you can’t accept even one cat, perhaps you can help with medical services, transportation, legal advocacy or advice, or simply by forwarding this plea to someone who may be able to help. She isn’t asking for money, as she has enough to pay her rent and feed her cats, but she does need to place the cats immediately or, at least, find the supports and services that will make immediate placement possible.If you need more information or wish to discuss this crisis further, please reply to this post or email me at with your contact information. I know relatively little about the animal rescue community, so any information, advice, contacts, or links will be greatly appreciated. Even if the cats do end up at AC&C, I hope that this early warning will enable those of you who do rescue from AC&C to save as many of them as possible.Thank you so much for considering this request. I look forward to hearing from you.Andrew

  5. Got to the donut shoppe recently that was posted about here a couple of weeks back and it was worth every penny. Delicious! Will be going back and would recommend to everyone with a sweet tooth.

  6. The good: Got my first smart phone a few days ago and I can’t stop fondling and caressing it

    The bad: Just received tax assessment from the city and real estate taxes going up again – no surprise there

    The ugly: College price tags are sucky

  7. Htc incredible 2. I know there are faster phones out there but this one is fine for me. Its really a lot of fun- should have bought one a long time ago.

  8. Has ANYONE come to the realization that the City Council has AGAIN raised our property taxes through re-assessment?   As a retiree on a modest pension and Social Security, I am finding the tax burden more and more unbearable.  I make too much for “special considerations”, I have already taken advantage of my Veteran’s status and the enhanced Star program…..and it seems as if no one else cares if their taxes increase!  Does the phrase, “..taxation without representation”, ring any bells?  There does not seem to be any recourse……HELP!!

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