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Open Thread: Sheepshead Bay Road, Hipsta-Fied

Source: bondidwhat/Flickr

I don’t really have much to say to lead in to today’s open thread, so instead, Flickr presents: Sheepshead Bay Road, Hipsta-Fied.

No, it doesn’t mean hipsters are invading. It’s a photo taken using Hipstamatic, a photo treatment app for smartphones. And, if you don’t look carefully, you might just think this photo was taking 80 years ago.

I suppose, since we’re on the topic, it becomes a topic, and I can ask: what’s your favorite smartphone photo app?

Oh, and of course, feel free to talk about whatever you like. The open thread is now open.

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  1. i hate hate hate hate hipstamatic stuff… and those “filters”  learn how to use a camera and do it yourself…. lazy bums…

    secondly… wtf is up with the psy gamgang style crap thats all over the place… can we just kill both with fire

  2. I use Instagram all the time. My feeling is that you can take cool photos no matter what photo-taking device you are using, so long as you implement creative composition and good lighting. If that makes me a lazy bum, I can live with that.

  3. a bit elitist? 

    but i do see what you r saying, everyone and their dog, post up pictures on fb using instagram, trying to pass it off as something as high art and at the height of creation. I get your irritation.

  4.  ES. i do use instagram, with nofilters to promote my work in social media and get work from it

    apple.. i didnt spent a life time committed to learning photography, how to play with light, print and develop film. to see a person with a cell phone take a photo and consider themselves a photographer…. its a mockery to the art..

    now just using istagram to take a quick lil photo of yourself or food or something… is fine… to consider onesself a artist using it… is a shame and belittles the lifetime i have spent.

  5. i get you. absolutely. I’m an illustrator and i had my work once compared to ones doodles that they did while talking on the phone. I get your bit of frustration.

    But i do doubt that anyone would have a show in a gallery with their instagrammed photos or actually get paid for it. From my limited knowledge of photography, its a lot more difficult than just pointing and clicking. 

  6. It’s the eye, Randy.  Some people have talent with just a cell phone. Some can go to school for years and still suck.  There’s a balance.

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